Mitsubishi teases electrified crossover MPV concept, debut at Japan Mobility Show 2023 – new Delica 4WD?


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This boxy off-roader is the first official teaser of what Mitsubishi Motors calls an ‘electrified crossover MPV concept car’. It will debut at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 – formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show – later this month.

According to Mitsubishi, this machine ‘combines the road handling of an SUV with the comfort and user-friendliness of an MPV,’ with a view towards achieving a carbon-neutral society. Based on the concept of ‘Borderless Adventure’, it features a ‘vastly spacious cabin with a sense of openness’ and ‘offers the cruising range and driving performance to handle all kinds of adventures’.

As you would already have guessed from the image of the car kicking up sand, the electrified car (most probably a plug-in hybrid, not to be confused with ‘electric car’) is an off-road capable machine, with the ability to switch driving modes as the situation demands.

From L-R: Delica D:5 4WD, Space Gear 4×4 – click to enlarge

Mitsubishi has deep and authentic off-roading heritage with multiple Dakar Rally wins under its belt, and it’s also the maker of the Pajero, so the company knows a thing or two about robust, go-anywhere machines. This concept car is designed with a high ground clearance, an electric four-wheel drive system and large-diameter tyres, MMC revealed.

“This electrified crossover MPV will be a reliable partner that provides a pleasant driving experience with peace of mind regardless of weather or road conditions, giving drivers the confidence to go one step further than before,” it adds.

Could this be a preview of a new Delica 4WD? Before the boxy D:5 4WD was the odd but cool Space Gear 4×4 – remember that one? Here’s a throwback of MMC’s seven-seaters before the Xpander.

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