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MLM Secrets of Success – The Power of Branding Yourself

MLM Secrets of Success – The Power of Branding Yourself

There’s no better marketing tool than name recognition. Name recognition is how major corporations continue to push small business out of various markets. They design a new product, put there company logo above the product name and it sells because people trust their other products.

It’s easiest and most effective to run a small business staying involved in a single niche… but obviously it isn’t the most profitable and keeps you at a certain level, the small business level. Since different niches overlap in certain ways the only way to accomplish effectively marketing in different niches is too develop name recognition. With a percentage of a specific niche already aware of your ability to deliver a product you have your foot in the door with them.

If successful with two different niches for a solid year or so your business now has potential limbs into many various niches with your name already creeping into them. The second niche is the hardest to overcome, and after growth is dependent on how organized your systems for expansion are.

The first step in branding yourself is too begin marketing yourself not your products. If you notice what multibillion dollar corporations such as Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, or Lexus… they market their names first and their products second, many commercials of major corporations wont even advertise a product, there are millions of products, this is not what separates you from the competition. Begin marketing yourself or your business and you begin the road to more abundant success.

But of course, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. If you begin marketing yourself and your product is garbage… your going to develop negative name recognition. You want to market your products until you are certain your products can give you a good name and then market yourself.


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