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Mobile Advertising – A Direct Call To Action

Mobile Advertising – A Direct Call To Action

It wasn’t long ago when people used to access everything on their desktops, but, with the sudden boom in the usage of mobile devices, the world has shifted from desktop to mobile. Not only desktops, but direct marketing has also taken a back seat if we compare it to mobile advertising. People find direct marketing methods, like TV, radio, OOH extremely interpretive, and it doesn’t catch their attention like the way mobile ads do.

You yourself think, what would you remember between the advertisement you hear on radio while driving and the advertisement you receive on your mobile device?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. It’s mobile.

Mobile ads are also very cost effective, highly responsive and act as a major source of lead generation, if we see it from an advertiser’s point of view. And hence, marketers aren’t leaving any stone unturned to maximize profit and reach their customers via mobiles.

Let’s have a look at some of the mobile methods by which you can generate leads immediately:

1. In app advertising

In app advertising is very popular and effective because people are spending all their times on mobile phones these days, and particularly, on apps. So, when an advertisement appears within an app, people are bound to notice it.

2. Banner Ads

Banner ads could be considered as one of the best ways to get potential visitors on your website. But always remember to optimize your ads for mobile when you move from your desktop site to mobile site.

Also, you have to play smart with banner ads, because sometimes they are the major reason why many people delete the app permanently. Don’t give useless ads which will irritate users unnecessarily, but provide relevant and informative ads so that people actually click on them.

3. Automated mobile communication platform

Automated mobile communication platforms make your business easier, smoother, faster and simpler.

This innovative service is changing the dynamics of cards by replacing the physical cards with digitalized cards, and thus, saves significant cost. Some of the other benefits of this service are realtime delivery, better loyalty retention, superior impact, and the fact that people can avail these automated personalized mgram anytime, anywhere.

With festive season around the corner, advertisers can use this rich mobile multimedia service (instead of physical cards) to send greetings and wishes directly to their customer’s phones. This will not only increase brand’s value but will strengthen brand’s relationship with the customers.

For example – Malaysia’s leading car brand, Proton used this service to send festive greetings to its customers. The campaign didn’t only save major cost, but also added enormous amount of loyalty, increased brand recognition and created a memorable experience while generating high revenues. Other brands like Panasonic, TG, and AIA have also used this service and gained humongous profits.

So, don’t build links.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing heavily relies on building relationships. Find out the right partners to affiliate with, and generate leads for your business.

Mobile has come up with new opportunities for affiliate marketers, and it’s your time to embrace these for your mobile users. Since people are downloading too many apps these days, one great way is to affiliate programs for these mobile apps.

And, if your company is still not into mobile affiliate marketing, you must give it a thought SOON!

Comment down below and let us know your preferred method to generate leads for your business!


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