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E commerce

Mobile Commerce Platform

Mobile Commerce Platform

The definition of mobile commerce is any kind of commerce, ie buying and selling goods and services, which is performed on a mobile device. These include mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants, iPads, tablet computers, and any other web-connected mobile device.

Growth of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate. In April of 2011, according to Nielson, there were 55.3 million unique visitors to Google, 42 million to Facebook, 40.5 million to Gmail, 36.9 million to Yahoo and 26.9 million to the Weather Channel. The most popular mobile content sites were the Weather Channel, ESPN, Pandora, Weatherbug, and CNN News. According to the Weather Channel, 60 percent of their audience connects to their mobile platform at least once a day.

The reasons consumers with mobile devices go online are: search the web; get news, weather, and sports information; and to connect socially. Here are the top categories of sites visited by mobile users: search, weather, social, news, entertainment, city maps and guides, sports, banking, trading, movies and videos, food and dining, travel, and health.

Benefits of a Mobile Website

Currently there are 105 million mobile users and as they get increasingly comfortable at connecting on the Web, mCommerce will grow even more. Using the Web in a mobile way is a very personal experience for users and the main benefits of mobile commerce for them are convenience and making their day better. The prediction is that by 2015 over $ 100 billion worth of goods and services will be purchased using mobile devices.

Some experts are saying that soon, mCommerce will be bigger than eCommerce. If that prediction comes true it is more important than ever to go mobile and utilize the mobile market. Mobile websites can greatly increase sales if they are well-designed and user friendly. Since so many people are connecting socially now, adding a Facebook Like button to your site can help your marketing go viral.

Convenience is the main benefit of a mobile website. No longer will consumers have to be at home to purchase anything they desire. So if your website is simple, fast, and convenient, you could be well ahead of your competitors.

Another benefit is the ability to collect contact information from visitors to your site. When you have that information, you can offer potential customers coupons, send them information about sales, or even send valuable information about the products that interest them.

Lastly, having a mobile website will impress your customers, especially if your site is attractive and easy to use. Consumers will take note that you are forward-thinking for stepping out into the mobile market.



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