More than 10,400 homes flooded across Russia


Police officers patrol a flooded street with a rubber boat after part of a dam burst in Orsk yesterday. (Kommersant Publishing House/AP pic)

MOSCOW: More than 10,400 homes across Russia have been flooded as swiftly melting snow swelled some of Europe’s biggest rivers, triggering record water levels in the Ural Mountains, Russia’s emergency ministry said.

The Ural River, which rises in the Ural Mountains and flows into the Caspian Sea, swelled several metres in just hours on Friday due to melt water, bursting through a dam embankment in the city of Orsk, 1,800km east of Moscow.

Flooding has also been reported across Siberia, the Volga and central regions of Russia.

“An increase in air temperatures, active snow melt and river openings are predicted,” Russia’s emergency ministry said.

“More than 10,400 residential buildings remain flooded in 39 regions.”

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