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MPBToday – The Newly Enhanced Compensation Plan Review

MPBToday – The Newly Enhanced Compensation Plan Review

The purpose of this MLM review of MPBToday is to provide an easy-to-understand snapshot of the very rececntly revised Compensation Plan. My goal here is to provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what it takes to start earning a substantial MLM income with MPB Today without needing a network marketing interpreter to accomplish that. Let's try and answer the question: "Can I really get free groceries and earn an incredible MLM income while I'm doing it?" Okay, let's get just a little background first so that we're all on the same page about who we're dealing with here. MPBToday, which is short for My Premier Business Today, was established in 2006 and is a direct sales company affiliated with Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery service. It's in Pensacola, Florida, and is funded by a group of very successful businessmen who have proven themselves in traditional businesses like real estate development, restaurant franchises, and industrial supplies. Southeastern Delivery states that their goal is to be one of the largest full-service delivery companies across this nation. Currently this industry is projected to grow from $ 1 billion to over $ 85 billion in the next 5 to 10 years, creating a near unlimited eaching potential. It is the goal of, under the leadership of Gary Calhoun, a 25 year veteran of the direct sales industry, to become a major force in helping Southeastern Delivery reach their goal. Thus far, Gary and his management team have shown that they are capable of handling the unprecedented expansion rate. Alrighty then, let's get down to that marketing plan snapshot in this MLM review of the MPBToday pay plan. Basically, here are the highlights of this recently revamped and enhanced compensation plan. This is where we really get the answer to the question we posed earlier, "can I really get free groceries and earn an awesome MLM income while I'm doing it?" The compensation plan used by MPBToday is based on a "2 x 2 Follow Me Matrix" which evolves "cycling," and it goes like this: Phase I of the MPB Today compensation plan includes the Cycle Bonus and the Sales Bonus:

  • Pay a one time $ 200.00 fee for a $ 200 grocery voucher. To get your presence on the world wide web you will also pay a nominal $ 10 annual admin fee for your replicated website and back office.
  • Choose to either redeem your voucher at the fulfillment center in Florida right away, or choose to wait until you "cycle" and either redeem it with no shipping charges, or choose to trade it in for $ 200 Walmart or Sam's Club gift card.
  • Find two people who want to get free groceries , gas and whatever else they want from Sam's Club and Walmart, some extra cash, help them each find two people who also want the same things, and just keep sharing with more people. Once your 6 person matrix is ​​filled, either by your own efforts, or with the combined efforts of your upline and downline, you will "cycle."
  • Now you can trade in your voucher for the $ 200 gift card, cash your $ 100 check to $ 400 check, and you will automatically be placed by into the next available spot in your sponsor's matrix as you "follow" him, and do it all over again.

Important note here: you only need 2 people that you personally sponsor into MPB Today people to qualify for agreements from here on out – not 2 in every new matrix, just 2 total. There is no autoship or other purchase necessary to continue to qualify for commissions.

  • Whoever you personally sponsor follows you into a new matrix every time they cycle, just as you follow your sponsor, and so on, and so on.

That's a pretty good picture of how you earn the MPBToday Cycle Bonus in Phase I. Now you also have the potential to earn another $ 50 to $ 300 on this same completed matrix, which is referred to as the Sales Bonus.

  • You earn a $ 50 sales bonus on every person in you're completed MPB Today matrix that you personally sponsored.

So what you're actually looking at here is each time you complete a matrix and cycle, will send you the $ 200 Sam's Club or Walmart gift card (if that's what you prefer), and the $ 100 that's included in the cycle bonus, but depending on how many of the people in your 6-person matrix You personally sponsor, you can earn up to an additional $ 50 to $ 300 (6 x $ 50 = $ 300.) That completes Phase I, so let's move on to Phase II of the MPB Today compensation plan . And by the way, both of these phases are paid weekly, not monthly. MPBToday has developed Phase II of the compensation plan as a way to reward the leaders in the company. Phase II consistants of the Leadership Bonuses, which are divided into:

  • Leadership Infinity Coding Bonus
  • Shared Infinity Coding Bonuses

Before I get into the details, I want to warn you that this is the point where people often get lost when reviewing an MLM compensation plan, and it will probably be no different with MPBToday . Occasionally, however, you'll get the big picture. I think the important thing here is that you get a firm grass on how easy and how fast it can be to generate MLM income with just Phase I of this comp plan, and understand that Phase II contains the more fundamental income along with the long term residual MLM income that will come as you grow your business. The following information on the Infinity Coding Bonus can be found in greater detail in chart form on the company website, and this chart includes the positions, the corresponding infinity bonuses, and the qualifications to reach each position. In this MLM review however, I'm simply going to list the positions and the corpending infinity bonuses from the lowest or first position, to the top position:

  • Bronze – $ 80
  • Pearl – $ 100
  • Silver – $ 120
  • Ruby – $ 140
  • Gold – $ 160
  • Platinum – $ 180
  • Diamond – $ 200

Now for a quick look at the Phase II Matching Bonuses. Once again, you can find this information in more detail in chart form on the company site, containing the same information: the position, the corresponding Matching Check Bonus and the qualifications to reach each position. And again, I am going to list only the positions and corresponding bonus percentage for this MPBToday comp plan review.

  • Double Diamond – 1st Generation – 15%
  • Vice President – 2nd Generation – 10%
  • Sr. Vice President – 3rd Generation – 10%.
  • Presidential – 4th Generation – 5%

Well, that's pretty much a wrap for the revamped and enhanced compensation plan offered my MPBToday. You may have to review this MLM review a couple of times to get the full impact of what building your own successful business can mean for your life right now, and for your future. But I want to add something I believe is critical for you to understand before you go any further. Earlier I mentioned how fast and easy it can be to earn an incredible MLM income with MPB Today. I say "can" and not "is" simply because even though this seems to be an excellent MLM program, the fact remains that more than 90% of the people why try to build their own MLM home business will in fact fail miserably, even with MPBToday. This fact is largely sad but true because people simply do not know how to build a successful MLM home business. What the average network marketer is missing is a generic marketing system that provides them with everything they need to overcome every obstacle they will face as they build their online MLM business , including the top two: not enough leads and not enough cash flow. So as you continue your research into MPBToday , make sure you take the time to look for a system that will help you build that business successfully.

Source by Beth Mello

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