M’sian Customer Calls Foodpanda “Babi” For Being Late With His 2am Food Order


Working as a food delivery rider is never easy – and being forced to deal with impatient customers only add to the stress. Facebook user Mohd Idham Khalid recently shared an alleged conversation between a food delivery rider and a customer. According to the post, the order was placed after midnight and, understandably, ordering a delivery meal at such a time would mean having to wait longer for your order to be prepared and delivered.

Unfortunately for this rider, this customer’s patience went dry. Through the chat box, the customer wrote, “Weh babi. Hurry up. I ordered it a long time ago and I have work tomorrow. I thought it would be quick, but it’s been an hour”. After getting cursed at by the customer, the delivery rider replied with a shocked expression and explained he had only received the order.


In his post, Mohd Idham explained that food delivery orders don’t follow the same system as e-hailing bookings. He shared that the order will go to the vendor first, who has to accept it before a rider can be assigned to deliver. However, there are cases where no riders are available, and this causes a delay in the delivery – which was what happened to this customer. He also urged others to be more tolerant of delivery riders, especially for late-night orders.

The post received tons of responses from netizens, many defending the delivery rider. Some were appalled at the customer’s harsh words, lamenting his lack of manners. Others say the rider should’ve cancelled the order to give the customer the taste of his own medicine. Some even asked why the customer would even place an order at such an hour, like one netizen who said the customer should cook for himself if he wanted to eat.


Do you think the delivery rider deserved to get cursed at? Or was the customer the one lacking common sense?

Source: Facebook

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