Muhammad Soleh to attend FC Malaga City Academy in Spain


KUALA LUMPUR: More Malaysian young footballers have caught the attention of Europe’s leading academies, and this time, Muhammad Soleh Ahmad Shukri has been confirmed to join the Spain-based FC Malaga City Academy.

The 17-year-old right winger from the FC 1Goal club was selected after the academy’s performance analysis and recruitment head was impressed after seeing a video of his playing style.

“I’m thankful to be selected to join the academy, and it is my dream to play in the international arena.

“Most importantly, I will try to gain as much knowledge as possible in improving my technical and tactical playing skills under the programme there,” he told Bernama.

Elaborating, Muhammad Soleh, who hails from Kuala Terengganu, said being selected by the academy would open more opportunities for him to become a professional football player.

“If possible, I want to play for a club in the United States because of their intense playing style,” he said, adding that he would leave for Spain on Dec 29.

Besides Muhammad Soleh, almost 10 Malaysian young players have previously entered leading football academies and development teams, including Aqil Arazi Aziz with the AS Cannes Academy, France, Allee Putra Azril with FC Malaga City Academy and Omar Raiyan Kama Azlan with Serbian club, Red Star Belgrade.-Bernama

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