My Fine Dinner at Street Night Market | Pudu Street Night Market Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾


My usual fine dinner in street night market in Kuala Lumpur.
One of the place i usually visit is the Pudu Street night Market.
The place is not so crowded, food is very nice and cheap 😁
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Location :
Pudu Street Night Market
Jalan Sayur, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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Roa – Smile

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  1. JOANNE says


  2. Marc Emmanuel Fernandez Coloma says

    ❤❤❤ yum!

  3. Justin Clyde YOUTUBER says

    Hi to my ideal woman in my life ❤️ hi to all her solid fans. Hoping someone will visit in my lifestyle in my country of 🇵🇭


    OLRYT 😂😂😂

  5. andrew tang says

    Oh now i iknow its your fave food lol

  6. Visual Postcards with Mark says

    Hello hello!!! Cheers ivani!!! Thanks for the great malaysian night market!! Makes me wantnto try fooda there!!🎉

  7. Man Ibar says

    🇵🇭❤️ Nice! We have similar desserts here, the bubuchacha is like our ginataang bilo-bilo and the custard is like our leche flan. Stay beautiful!👍😊

  8. Lio Colina says


  9. Bernz Custodio says

    Just love your contents and the way you eat.

  10. Miles Prado says

    Everything looks tasty!

  11. jhun rosete says


  12. Mark Anton Binag says

    Saya punya pm-Pesan pribadi untuk Anda di Di instagram juga sayang kamu 🇵🇭💘🇲🇾

  13. fred bigornia says

    Hi, Ivani another great Video. Food and fine things in life are very nice. Delicious Food and views, I always enjoy your videos, I always subscribe because of your beauty and great video. Give iggy a hug for me, I love you both..♥♥

  14. Al Moranas says

    Thanks again for another great video Ivani! You are doing great…keep it up! That dessert soup is the same as "ginataang bilo bilo" in the Phillippines…exact same ingredients with slight variation in the ingredients and comes in many colors as you explained. Definitely a shared influence or origin between countries. Can't wait for more episodes already lol…but please don't feel pressured. God bless.

  15. Mark Anton Binag says

    I messenge you for Instagram 😞🖤

  16. foreveryoung sy says

    Ivani thanl u for introducing some malaysia food and showing your street food adventures…pls visit philippines again…

  17. mackeyboy says

    I now know where to go in Malaysia when I visit. Thanks miss Ivani!

  18. Ferdinand Manaois says

    you're like Ivana alaw of the philippines so pretty like you ivana 🌝

  19. Anthony Clacio says

    You’re so Pretty….

  20. nanro acasamoso says

    who knows maybe someday my luck will bring me in malaysia to visit and hav a dinner at a street night market and try malaysian food.. so happy to watch your volg, giving me some info about malaysian food and places.. would be nice if iggy was with you at that moment.. a cute dog and a pretty mom of him.. but maybe iggy is not allowed in that place…take care olwyz maam ivani…

  21. zoids a says

    Your Bobochacha looks tasty! It reminds me of binignit(sometimes it's hot halohalo.) in my city the ingredients r almost same.

  22. Kuletz Studios says

    Hello new friend here from JOANNE

  23. Alex Merin says

    The food looks so goooooood

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