Netizens Call Out Driver For Displaying Large Pornographic Car Stickers


There is no telling what you might see while you’re on the road. You could witness someone being thrown out of a car on a busy road after colliding with another vehicle or you could see a Malaysian celebrity cat-walking and shaking her booty in the middle of KL.

You might also stumble upon cars that have very interesting stickers on display. Most of these stickers are fun and harmless but some of them can be quite disturbing. The public certainly did not appreciate this driver for their choice of stickers.


A few days ago, Facebook user Fairus Al-Haj posted a photo on the B40 Buat Perangai Apa Harini Facebook page of a Perodua Viva car that he came across while he was driving. He captioned it, “Typical B40 car”. In the post, we can see that the owner of the vehicle seemed to have no shame in displaying large inappropriate bumper stickers with the words that read, “PornHub” and “FAKE TAXI”; names of pornographic websites. 

If that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, the creepy smiling Joker face sticker at the bottom right should give a hint that the owner knew exactly what they were doing when they stuck these stickers onto their car. The Facebook post caught netizens’ attention with many of them condemning the individual who proudly placed these obscene stickers on display.


At the time of writing, there is still no update on who the driver was or if anyone filed a complaint against them. For your information, according to preacher Dr. Nur Mohammad Hadi Zahalan, displaying car stickers do not violate Islamic Law unless they contain images or words that have sexual elements or humiliate a specific individual.

Let this be a reminder for all of us to choose our car stickers wisely, preferably ones that don’t expose our darkest fantasies.

Sources: Facebook, mStar

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