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Netsuite – An Advanced Ecommerce Platform

Netsuite – An Advanced Ecommerce Platform

Cohesive. Flexible. Intuitive. Netsuite ECommerce delivers solutions.

Rapidly evolving technology has left many organizations frustrated with incompatible systems that do not share data or provide visibility across functional areas. Netsuite is an integrated business application linking ecommerce, marketing, order management, inventory and accounting operations onto a single cohesive platform. The unified platform approach builds enterprise integrity with new or existing websites.

Netsuite pricing offers affordable, cost effective solutions to website design and business integration. Centralized content management builds controls into inventory, image usage, fulfillment, language, currency and pricing. Applications are designed for ease of use in daily business operations, without programming skills. Changes to websites are easily applied and updated.

Netsuite is easily adaptable for international customers, linking multiple websites in languages and currencies specific to your global customer base. Netsuite OneWorld is the business solutions platform for ecommerce with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country and multi-product webstore flexibility. The database driven Netsuite ECommerce platform operates seamlessly integrating into business financials giving visibility to inventory, accounting and reporting of multi-currency and tax requirements, multi-language and website performance.

Business to Business (B2B) opportunities are managed in a similarly flexible fashion. Netsuite Ecommerce offers customizable processes, pricing, payments, invoicing and billing functionality specific to each business client’s needs. Transactions across multiple channels, automated cross-sell and up sell features improve performance and increase sales. Netsuite Ecommerce and B2B functionality also integrate into a single business management platform, affording greater control over inventory, fulfillment, sales and accounting.

The intuitive features of Netsuite ECommerce offer the integrated business management platform with webstore and shopping cart-specific functionality. Marketing promotions such as discounted pricing, coupons, catalogs or multi-payment methods are easily integrated and available for customer convenience. Real-time order visibility affords faster order processing, fulfillment and shipping for greater customer satisfaction. Customer self-service features promote 24/7 convenience in order placement, order review and online questions and answers. Customizable responses and cross-sell recommendations across webstores enhance customer experience, retention and loyalty.

Netsuite ECommerce Analytics and Reporting is a complete, consolidated financial and business performance review. Indicators such as website effectiveness, cart abandonment and transaction details are presented clear and concisely. Netsuite Ecommerce features indicators specific to ebusiness performance such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tracking, webstore visits compared to purchases, online marketing and advertising leads and conversions. With Netsuite’s multi-channel flexibility, Ad Hoc Reporting analysis is available to compare store sales with ECommerce results.


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