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Network Marketing Strategy – 4 Easy Steps to Building a Niche Marketing Plan for Your Business

Network Marketing Strategy – 4 Easy Steps to Building a Niche Marketing Plan for Your Business

Leads Generation

No matter which network marketing business system you use, if you are a home based business owner you know how important capturing great leads is to your business' success. If you're just starting out, here's a great network marketing strategy blueprint for you.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing in the network marketing world is increasingly popular and can be quite lucrative. By marketing to a very targeted niche audience, you can easily set up an automated system to pre-qualify your leads and ensure higher conversion rates.

Make sure along the way that as you set up your marketing blueprint each step to your automated system has measurable data. You want to know how much site traffic you are receiving, how much of that traffic opts-in (converts), how many follow-up emails are opened, etc. To not maintain measurable data like this is just like throwing your marketing dollars out the window.

Four-Tiered Blueprint

1. Instead of simply driving traffic to another replicated company website, set up a simple one-paged site that will be your "landing" or "capture" page. This page should be visually simple, use black and red lettering going from large letters at the top of the page to smaller letters as they approach the opt-in box. The copy should have a clear message of what solutions you are offering and why your leads would want them. Include a call to action to have them sign up, giving you their name and email address.

2. Offer something for free on your landing page to begin building a trusting relationship with your leads. A free report, insider secrets, online training course or anything you feel is relevant to your niche market. You're asking them for their email address, so you'll need to offer something in return.

3. Once they do opt-in, set up an autoresponder that will follow up with the lead 6 to 8 times over the next couple of weeks. Towards the end of the autoresponder messages, introduce a new tool, eBook or other product to your leads for a small fee. This will pre-qualify your leads and guarantee that they are already interested in you and your business.

4. Continue building a relationship with your leads, strengthening your brand as you do. Whenever possible, make at least one personal contact with each lead thanking them and making yourself available to them should they have any questions.

Close the Deal

The only way this great network marketing strategy is going to work is if you go out there and close the deals. The fact that a lead 1. (has given you their information and 2.) already made a small purchase from you means that the deal is yours to lose. Approach them with a sincere and personal touch as you build your team and your income with this great blueprint for success.


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