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New Article Marketing Revolution by Kamran Chowdhury

New Article Marketing Revolution by Kamran Chowdhury

If you have been active in article marketing, you probably know that it takes a lot of hard work to succeed. And it's either hard work that you have to do yourself, or hard work that you have to pay other people for. Kamram Chowdhury's New Article Marketing Revolution will not change that. But what it will do is that it might give you bigger return on your investment for every article that you publish.

You probably have experienced it too – submitting dozens of articles, hoping that one of them will be a "winner". An article that will get tens of thousands of page views and thousands of highly targeted, converting clicks onto your own website. If you have one of these every now and then, you pretty much consider it a "lucky break from the daily grind of article churning".

I have been there and done that. And so has Kamran Chowdhury. However, he focused his efforts on marketing with articles, and really perfecting it to make it successful. Since 2007 he has been constantly working on improving his article method, and is finally going to release it in a course under the title "New Article Marketing Revolution".

The course consist of an e-book and seven videos that lead you through his marketing with articles process.

What You Will Learn In The New Article Marketing Revolution

Chowdhury has identified three key elements that you will need to have set in place in order to have your articles succeed. In the course, you will learn about the keyword research technique that he uses specifically for his article marketing method (which is very different from normal keyword research for pay-per-click or search engine optimization purposes).

You will also learn how to write articles that effectively lead readers to click on your link to visit your website, and you will learn how to get your articles ranked high in Google using seven article submission techniques.

One of the main advantages of Kamram Chowdhury's article marketing course is that he gives you the theory, he gives you the step-by-step instructions, and he shares a case study, which he uses to demonstrate how these techniques work in real life.

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