NGO accuses DBKL of poor community engagement on structure plan


The Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan or KLSP2040 outlines the planned development of the city for the next 20 years.

PETALING JAYA: An NGO that advocates greater environmental protection in the capital claims that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has failed to effectively engage communities when drafting the 2040 Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan (KLSP2040).

KLSP2040 outlines the development of the city over the next 20 years.

Save Kuala Lumpur (SKL) chairman M Ali told FMT that DBKL had failed to provide feedback on the previous engagement session, where the group highlighted the draft’s shortcomings, including its failure to address the lack of open spaces in Kuala Lumpur.

“We have repeatedly highlighted that whenever there is an engagement, they should come back to us with effective feedback on what input has been accepted.

“And if these are not accepted, what are their reasons? There must be an explanation to the public. Why are they trying to be so secretive about it?” Ali said, adding that they had yet to receive any official response from DBKL.

In March, SKL urged Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim not to approve the KLSP2040 until all due process had been completed by DBKL, warning against gazetting the document “prematurely”.

The group claimed that DBKL did not address the feedback and objections that many residents’ groups had submitted.

In July, Anwar said he was satisfied with the engagement sessions on the draft plan and told DBKL to improve and gazette the proposed KLSP2040 before the end of the year.

Last month, Anwar approved the KLSP2040, with the government incorporating some of the recommendations by various NGOs into the final plan.

In response to SKL’s claims, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said DBKL had fulfilled its obligations by engaging with MPs and NGOs as directed by the prime minister.

“What’s important is the local plan of each constituency. This is the responsibility of NGOs and elected representatives,” she said.

Kok also expressed her intention to mobilise groups to contribute their input to the local plans when the time comes.

Batu MP P Prabakaran said he would ask DBKL to address the concerns raised by SKL.

“We have our monthly meeting with DBKL, and I will raise this issue during the forthcoming meeting scheduled for next month,” he said.

FMT has also reached out to DBKL for comment.

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