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Niche Marketing Definition

Niche Marketing Definition

What is Niche Marketing?

Simply defined, niche marketing is promoting a singular or more defined ‘niche’ as opposed to a broader category of products. An example of a niche market would be LCD televisions. Televisions would be a broad category and harder to market and get traffic and conversions for if you were trying to build a Web site and get organic traffic from the search engines. There is simply too much competition for that broad of a term.

The topic of LCD televisions would be easier to work with and more specialized and suited for customers looking to buy these types of televisions.

Steps to Niche Marketing

Here are the basic steps to get started and create a Web site:

  1. Choose a niche market through keyword research or knowledge of a topic.
  2. Research monetization methods or ways to make money with this niche
  3. Find a suitable Web domain and hosting to place your Web site
  4. Build a site that is tightly focused around your niche with proper optimization and monetization

There is a lot more involved than the steps above but that is a general overview of how to get started with niche markets.

How to Succeed

There are certain things that can be done when doing your niche research and site building to greatly increase your chance for success. You should buy some type of guide to niche marketing to learn more about how to be successful with this type of internet marketing. With the proper plan it is very possible to make a good income with niche Web sites.


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