On Search Engine Optimization – If You Were Google


If you were Google, what would you do if you found out that someone is trying to manipulate your search results in the name of search engine optimization? What would you do if you found out that someone was making you deliver results that are less than you could deliver?

What would you do if you could hire 100 computer PhD's full time to help you write programs and develop systems that will catch those SEO experts that are reducing the quality of your results?

What would you do whenever you remember that just a few years back there were other search engines that dominated the internet landscape but are now now? What would you do whenever you remember that they lost their position to you because they did not deal ruthlessly with sites that tricked their system?

What would you do if you realize that your visitors will not really loyal to you but come because you're reputed to have the best search results? What would you do if you know they will leave you any day they get better results elsewhere?

What will you do if your current position translates to billions of dollars in profit? what would you do if you know within you that the billions of dollars could as well become thousands of dollars if you do not maintain your quality?

Putting yourself in Google's position will help you think forward in your search engine optimization strategies. You'll know that tricks that work today are doomed to fail tomorrow. And for one reason …

Google must do all within its power (And that's some billions!) To ensure that the pages with the most reliable, relevant and useful information always show up and in the right order.

You'll also realize that if Google fails in this, it will lose its place to others – And And there are many spending sleepless nights to take its position.

If Google loses its place, then anyone takes that place must maintain even a higher standard or also lose that place.

So think wisely when optimizing. Take your time to learn a system that guarantees you rank highly without incurring search engines' wrath – but on the contrary, make you their darling.


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