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Online Affiliate Marketing – Project Management Plan for Business Goals

Online Affiliate Marketing – Project Management Plan for Business Goals

When you are starting a new business as your own online affiliate marketing program you will have to decide about a small business management program. There are lots of factors to consider and I feel the most important is to keep an accurate record of sales tracking and sales commission of affiliates. The affiliates have to be motivated to sell and all that is lot of work.

So the big question that arises is how will you perform administrative management of the business. There are two basic ways to maintain it.

1. Outsource it to a management service.

2. Or use in-house management.

There are lots of factors to consider and you need to think hard and fast, so here are your options for this

a. Outsourcing your online affiliate program:

If you have a sizable budget to work with you are not interested in running your program yourself, then you may wish to consider outsourcing your affiliate program to such management services, like:

Commission Junction

Link Share

And lots of other similar companies like that smaller and bigger. If you like getting it done overseas you might save little money, but have to make sure you are getting the kind of service that you need for your business.

Their jobs will include, recruiting affiliates, affiliate tracking sales and writing checks each month. By the way the cost of these services are often far beyond the start-up budget of a small or home based business.

These companies charges almost $5,000 per month to take care of the business up keep. But then you have got complete freedom.

Outsourcing, the administration of your affiliate program might seem to make sense at first. However you need to be aware that with the techniques and strategies you will learn, you may follow and take care of the affiliate program yourself too. Simply automate the system.

So, in other words you will be able to keep the large portion of your profits with yourself.

You might know about the applied policies of your affiliate program, you may learn new strategies and apply to make more money from the same investment without spending more money.

Switching over to a in-house program will be extremely difficult once you are using an outsourcing service specially once your affiliate program takes off. So this is a serious decision that you need to make right from the start. It’s a very big commitment.

You will love to start your online affiliate marketing program from in-house service. Because to feed your affiliate business with your passion and your dedication will bring much different results to you than any out sourcing.

a. You do not have to deal with outrageous and unnecessary start-up costs.

b. You will get to keep 100% of the profit.

c. You have 100% control over when and how you promote your affiliate program, who joins and who does not, payment structure commissions and every promotion you do. This is all about legit work from home for your profitable business.


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