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Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

In terms of a successful online marketing strategies, what is required? Well there are many things that other online marketers will tell you are required, yes you could have everything enabled but what is the actual end-to-end process for a successful internet marketing or affiliate business.

From studying the subject and indeed marketing products on the internet here is what I believe is the actual process in the order it can be used:

Initial keyword Research, identify niche product areas

Once you have decided to build your online internet marketing business and you have carried out the initial business planning and creating cohesive plan. The next step is to identify which niche area you will start to do business in; this for me comes even before a product has been identified. Many people think that a niche product is one where the demand for that product is extremely high, while I understand why this measurement is important.

What if the product is extremely bought after but the competition to provide the item or service is also very high. For me the niche is a subject or service that is highlyought after but where the market is NOT satisfing the demand, this is the best sort of niche area. So how would you go about identifying the product / service niche initially, well its okay to have an idea of ​​a product / service that you would like to deliver, you can then go on and look at the possible keywords that are being searched for that article. This will give you the first signs of the likely demand.

The next step is then to find out how many sites are delivering services within that niche area, you can use Google initially to find out how many sites are operating in that area.

Again you can also ask Google to highlight how many sites in that list are actually using the keyword within the domain-name for their sites; This is usually a strong indication of just how serious they are about the product. It also must be said that at times a subject might be too wide to be niche but in highlighting a particular attribute of that subject might well offer a better niche opportunity. An example of this might be 'Hypnosis' may be too large to be niche but 'Learn Hypnosis' could be an effective niche subject.

Product Selection, what is the niche for the product?

Now you have identified some niche areas you can move on and start to look towards some products that fit into these niche areas, again there are several places you can look at for products. So look for something that would allow you a good initial opportunity and would also give you an incremental revenue stream over time, if possible the product should be some sort of repeatable service or item.

Product Creation / Development

The product selection and choice is such a large subject that we may have to cover it later in a article just dedicated to the various product sources. However one of the common choices is to produce your own product, this could be an e-book, a CD suite or even to re brand something from the public domain that is out of copyright. What ever you do it must be a quality item, online marketing clients have now come to expect high quality and also free products that compliment the primary product. It is common to give away a free newsletter or report based on the subject matter this can be a great way to capture the clients email address and contact details.

Detailed Keyword Research

So now the product is underway, what is next ?. You now need to carry out keyword research again only this time you need to start producing a list of keywords that you will use later for online marketing Ad campaigns.

Here yet again you have to be careful that you do not always pick the keywords with the highest level of traffic, these sorts of keywords will most probably come with high competition. So look for keywords that have a decent level of traffic but that have some degree of slack in terms of the competitive level within that keyword.

Website development

This is fairly self explanatory, you will need some sort of tool if you plan to build your own websites, although this can be an extremely difficult task if you are not using to writing code with HTML, PHP, CSS, Apache, etc. There are some very good simple tools available on the market that do offer very intuitive ways of building sites from just a drag and drop kind of functionality. However the website will need professional sales copy to present the product or services, Opt in functionality to allow you to capture the users email address with their full consent, double opt in.

It would also be good if the site encompassed auto-responder functionality to automate some of the responses to the client, that way if you are not there the business still continues to run. You can also purchase at extra cost, customer relationship management systems that offer full auto-responder and opt-in / double opt-in functionality as well as a management layer for client email addresses.

Creating Demand for the site

Now the site is up and live we must start to be concerned with the techniques of driving traffic and this is where we start to unforgettable the various techniques. Blogging is where you create an online Marketing blog on one of the popular platforms like Blogger or Word press. Once you have created the blog you post regular posts to the blog and start to build a community that drives traffic to your site. Article submission is typically where you write an article on your niche subject and then post this article on submission sites, including links back to your blog and / or website. This can be used as a very effective back-link strategy for your site, but there are guidelines that you should adhere to for instance all content should be unique and remember not to put too many links in to the article. SEO again is a very large subject and in this article we can only really touch on the basics, Search Engine Optimization techniques are always changing anyway so if this is something you are interested in you need to keep abreast of those changes. In general though once you know your hot keywords, these should be included in key places in the website or blog.

If possible the domain name should also contain the hot keywords. Once the site has been modified to reflect keywords in the right places, the site needs to be indexed for Google, MSN, Yahoo. We will go even deeper on this subject in a later article.

Customer Relationship management

The last piece is the management of the database of clients that you have built up through your opt-in lists, if you are going to run email campaigns it is a good idea to consider purchasing a good customer relationship management system that allows you to keep very regular contact with your customers.

In general terms these for me are the areas that cover the end-to-end process and you can go into some of them and not others, you may choose to put a website in place and use free methods of driving traffic. These could be blogging and article submission and some SEO to drive traffic to an affiliate product specifically chosen to align you to a particular niche market area.


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