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Online Reputation Management Is Essential for Digital Branding

Online Reputation Management Is Essential for Digital Branding

For any business its reputation plays a vital role for its sustenance. In the World Wide Web, online reputation management is the next thing you would do, after you decide to make public your brand/product. Managing your brand’s/products online image is crucial, as all the other governing factors that contribute to the growth of your business are dependent on the goodwill that you create for your brand on the internet. Without proper online reputation management, your business/ brand is likely to have a negative impact, regardless of what kind of products you sell on the internet.

The easy accessibility to internet (especially various sites that prompt customers to write reviews and comments on products and services) has made businesses and brands vulnerable to criticisms and negative publicity, as more and more people(the dissatisfied ones) have started sharing their views on various products.

Over the time, several internet marketing experts and digital branding companies have come up with various methods to keep a check on the reputation of brands online. I shall discuss some of the most effective and popular tricks in this article for an effective online reputation management.

1. Spread your wings: Creating accounts on various social sites such as Facebook (both page and profile), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace, as this can help suppress the sites containing negative content about your brand/business. Creating and managing a business blog can help in addressing negative comments about your brand/business; it can moreover counter negative sites.

2. Atonement: Making amends always help in regaining good reputation. If in case you happen to see a forum where your product/service is being discussed by an unsatisfied costumer, make an account on that forum, ask that customer to give out details; as to what made him unhappy about your establishment. Try to get the matter solved online, encourage them to give a review and reward them with freebies and discounts, and let them see that their issues have been looked after.

3. Be real: Be honest, never fake for the sake of publicizing your business or as a part of its digital branding strategy. One should never encourage publishing fake reviews, as it can hamper the growth of your business. There is no harm in letting out the truth and moreover genuine and real content is what the customers seek.

4. Be good to thy enemy: It is easy to post negative reviews on sites regarding your competitors, but resist the temptation, as your competitors might be doing the same for you. If you are honest in your approach, your happy customers will defend you against negativity.

5. What is being said about you? As a part of your digital media planning, keep a check on comments and mentions on your brand/business, as this can help ascertain your brands digital personality. There are various online tools to keep a check on mentions about your brand. For e.g. Google Alerts, Social Mentions, Twitter Advanced Search, Yahoo Pipes, Twit beep, etc.


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