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Optimization Tips For the Bing Search Engine

Optimization Tips For the Bing Search Engine

Bing's release has left online marketers wondering as to how to get their sites listed at the top.
Even every known fact that till date Google is the most effective search engine but Bing is seems to look like a tough competitor for Google. So each one is interactive advertising industry is well aware with the fact that Bing is going to be one of the important factor in their campaign in the near future. I have created a list of some the point which may be effective while you are looking for ranking and traffic from Bing. The idea is to get noticed on Bing!

1. Bing places a lot of importance on the domain age. In case your domain is relatively new, consider getting an older domain as it makes for a higher rank. Bing takes into account the numbers of years ago the domain was registered. Therefore if one wants their site to appear in the top searches of Bing try and buy older domains.

2. Titles play a significant role for Bing. To ensure that you reach the top searches in Bing, one must make use of the best keywords while creating title tags. It is also essential to maintain a connection between the title and its description.

3. For Google, the amount of text does not matter, however, while optimizing on Bing, one needs to consider the quantity of text being uploaded on the site. A text that has a minimum of 300 words or more is likely to be considered more by Bing. Therefore, while doing SEO for your site on Bing, make sure you add a significant amount of text to your site so that Bing becomes aware of it.

4. Outbound links work for Bing as opposed to Google. Make use of as many outbound links you can as for the time being, Bing approves of them.

5. With Google, backlinks pointing to your site may not have proved very helpful to enhance your site's page ranking, however, with Bing, more the number of backlinks for your site, the better it is. All the backlinks coming from relevant sites are count by Bing and then your site's ranking gets only better.

6. A sitemap may seem unnecessary but it has a pivotal role to play during indexing. Make use of a sitemap for better indexing and also easy navigation.

7. Ensure that your URL is fixed and simple. It is difficult to index complex URL's as link destinations. Also the URLs that change often are hard to index and also not easy for people to remember. Therefore, if you make use of a URL which is static, it will help your site a great deal with Bing.

8. Make sure that your site is submitted on and your site map on /

9. MSNBot must be allowed to crawl your site. Therefore keep a check that MSNBot is not on the list of prohibited web crawlers. Also, you must make use of a Robots.txt file or tags to manage MSNBot and other web crawlers indexing your site.

10. The content on your site must match the keywords you use. Quantity of the content matters although quality matters too there before you must use relevant content that compliments with the right usage of keyword.


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