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Organizing Your Work Day As a Writer

Organizing Your Work Day As a Writer

If you're a writer, it's likely you have many things to do each day. Whether you are a fiction writer working on a new novel or a freelance writer with multiple clients and varying projects, you need to know how to plan for each day's work.

When you work on your own, you have to be self-motivated. Even if you have an agent, publisher or client waiting on you to meet deadlines, there is still a great deal of work that will need to be done on your own motivation. You do not have a time card to punch and as the days go on, it can be hard to keep up with everything that you need to do.

If you let the days get away from you, it will be easy to allow the deadline to creep up on you and you will not have your writing complete. Organizing your work day is the best way to prevent this. It's a good idea to do daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

Your monthly schedule will be an overview of everything that you need to do in that month. This will be a broad spectrum and you will become more detailed in your weekly and daily schedules. With your weekly schedule, you will get more in detail with what goals you need to meet on each day.

You also need to be sure you schedule for time off each day and each week. If you do not get a break, you are facing writer's burnout which will only hinder your writing. When you make your daily plans, you want to look over it the night before each day. See what you have to do the next day so you know what you have to plan for. Make sure you have all the supplies or research you need to do the next day's work.

When you organize your work day as a writer, it will help you be more productive each and every session that you sit down to write. This will reduce writer's stress, lead to more productive work and help you make the income that you need on a regular basis.

Source by Lisa A Mason

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