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Outsourcing Your Web Design Company? Top Countries to Outsource

Outsourcing Your Web Design Company? Top Countries to Outsource

Obama has recently called on his American businessmen comrades to bring back the work they’ve outsourced to developing countries, to their homeland United States of America. This is apparently a cause of concern of the President, and why not? Most businesses in the US have been outsourcing jobs to various countries for years. Jobs that could were meant for their American brothers and sisters.

Outsourcing a business usually means all functions, tasks and paper works will be sent out to the folks you assigned to do the job for you overseas. The practice of outsourcing might take you a maximum of 6 months- to process all legal papers and to get the workplace you will be placing your company in.

Why do businessmen outsource their Web design company?

1. Low wages

2. Favorable tax rates

3. Quality of work is more than or equal to the quality of work presented by the locals.

4. Improved company profit

Now that you understand the reasons behind the outsourcing movement, here is the list of the places where American businessmen like to place or outsource their companies.

First up! India.

Second to the US, India is also identified for being the world’s greatest IT masters. India’s current population is 1.1billion. Waves & tax rates are more affordable and the quality of IT services is the main reasons why businessmen like to outsource their businesses. Top brands like Hewlett-Packard have outsourced in India.


China is known to have the world’s biggest population, a total of 1.3billion and still running. Explanations why businessmen choose to outsource their companies in China include low wages and good academic system. IT Companies like IBM and Accenture have contracted their IT/BPO businesses in China.


Another Asian region on our list: Malaysia. They have about 23 million in population and the reasons why businessmen choose Malaysia is because of low costs, low compensation packages, advanced level of integration and strong government support. IBM has outsourced their offices here, as well as Motorola.

Czech Republic

We often hear outsourced businesses in Czech Republic, but do you know that offshore services market in this country is greater than 10% annually and is still expanding. Competitive infrastructure costs, good education system and having a well balanced business environment are some of the reasons why Czech Republic is one the most effective locations to outsource your business. Accenture, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Dell have offices in Czech Republic.


In terms of purchasing power, Singapore offers the second-highest income per capita in the whole world. This is one of the primary reasons why US companies loves to place their regional headquarters in Singapore; when it comes to technology and work system, Singaporeans have the say. Excellent educational system, facilities, intellectual property protection and stable political environment are Singapore’s deal to each and every businessman. HP and Eli Lily have offices in Singapore too.

Mabuhay! Philippines

No one can ever whine about the hospitality and kindness of the Filipino people. Philippines is also renowned for being among the best places to outsource an American business. Outstanding English speaking skills, low fees for taxes and compensation and simple adaption of company culture are the main reasons why Philippines is amongst the best places to outsource. Philippines’ existing population is 93 million. Time Warner, Convergys, Chevron-Texaco, Proctor & Gamble, GE services and many others have BPO and IT offices in the Philippines.

These nations are the few finest in the whole world where you can trust and invest your money in. When you’re to pick a country for outsourcing your business, remember that you are not only giving work to an individual, you are also supporting their economy along with the industry you have chosen.

Source by Glenda Himes

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