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Paid Search Traffic Falls at the Expense of SEO

Paid Search Traffic Falls at the Expense of SEO

SEO is critical to your business success!

It does not matter if you are a small business or a big corporation.

Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge and misconceptions about the complexity of SEO, a lot of small business, did not invest enough in SEO.

When they want to increase online traffic, they use AdWords, which is a rather cheap and efficient form of advertisement.

As an advertiser you can have a lot of benefits by using AdWords, or other paid search traffic. However, you must know these 3 facts:

  1. Better SEO will improve your QS (Quality Score), as you will send your visitors to appropriate landing pages. Improved QS will reduce your costs per word word you bid on. Furthermore, you will improve your ad position and ad coverage.
  2. People tend to trust the organic search results more than the paid search results. It is just human to believe that a website who has a good Google rank is more trusted than a web page who is found only Via paid search results.
  3. Recent studies indicate that although total search queries continue to increase, paid search clicks are not keeping pace. (a study by comScore, mentioned in, 18.05.09).

Fortunately, achieving a good ranking in Google is easy if you have the will to learn.

You can be an amateur, but you must have the will to learn and to invest (mostly time) in order to increase traffic to your website.

Remember this: better ranking, may increase your website traffic in several hundred percent. This is how things work, in a world, dominated by search engines, crawlers and robots.

After building some SEO learning motivation, I would like to show you how to do it. I did it for my websites, and after a short while I have seen great improvements.

The credit for my success goes to Brad Callen, SEO expert, who has no fear in sharing his knowledge.

I will summarize some of the key points you need to take care of when you decide to improve your website SEO:

  1. Make a list of relevant keywords.
  2. Check for each keyword the first organic page results (not AdWords results). Which websites appear on the first page of Google search results.
  3. Analyze those top ranked websites: (the main idea behind ranking well on Google is to analyze the top ranked websites to find out exactly what they're doing and then just better to one up them and get a better ranking.)
  4. Check their source code find their failures and strengths. Then use this knowledge to improve your website.

Follow this key points:

  • The keyword is in an header tag.
  • The keyword is placed at the very end of the page and not only in the upper paragraph.
  • Always combine your keyword in the page title.
  • Target the keyword in your homepage (better than a subpage.)
  • Use the keyword when you name your images.

The points above are called "Onpage optimization". Find out more about this subject in Brad Callen's book.

Another key issue about SEO is "Offpage optimization", which includes all the strategies you can use to maximize your performance. This includes linking and using your keywords within the link anchor text. You may read all these strategies in his book.

If you find this information useful, I recommend you to read the whole book by Brad Callen: "Search engine optimization made easy".

This free eBook, will reveal the fascinating world of search engine optimization.

  • Find out what are the "onpage optimization" and "offpage optimization".
  • Learn how you can be listed in Google in a matter of up to 24 hours.
  • Learn how to get links pointing to your website.

This book will teach you everything you need to know about SEO. You can increase traffic for years to come for free (or for a very low cost if you choose to use some additional tools.)

The cost however will not be greater than one month AdWords budget (of a small business). And the good thing is that better SEO will eventually reduce your AdWords costs.


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