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Paying Too Much – Is There a Better Ecommerce Solution?

Paying Too Much – Is There a Better Ecommerce Solution?

If you are tired of paying high fees to your ecommerce partner then either you should check out some of the new systems that have been released recently.

These days most ecommerce sites eat up almost half of your revenue in the name of transaction fee and other charges. Imagine the loss the business sufferers and the revenue that is lost! Yes, your ecommerce partner is entitled to a fee but not at the cost of your profits! You need a partner that understands this and because they have a minimal transaction fee.

Here are some other features you should require from your current ecommerce company

o Get instantaneous product approval: You do not need to count business days before your product gets approved on the site.

o Affiliate contacts: you can contact as many affiliates you want.

o Sell products as many as you want: You can sell as many products with your account and that too for free!

o Accept subscription payments: You want a company that has the ability to accept subscription payments as well. .

Researches show that most online business companies try their best to avoid large ecommerce sites which charge hefty fee and commissions. As a result they have no option but to opt for ecommerce partners like PayPal which have relatively smaller agreements. However, although PayPal is quite well known in the field of online auctions, it really does not really have any great features except for the bank account transactions and credit card facilities.

What would be perfect is a blend of smaller ecommerce sites like PayPal with the benefits of larger ecommerce players in the market. So you have benefits of the larger players which come for a lesser price! This can help you to sell your services or catalog your products in online market so that your product and services have a wider audience. Who caters to everyone from affiliates to sellers and helps businesses to make their mark in the online world of ecommerce!

People have online businesses to save on their infrastructure costs and other costs associated with real time businesses. However, with the high transaction fee and monthly charges levied by the ecommerce sites, online business becomes as expensive or even more expensive than real time businesses. Here a new solution was born out of a need to conserve the hard earned profits of an online company.


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