PDRM saman 50% discount at Putrajaya Open Day 2024 – till Feb 4, Dewan Sri Siantan, Kompleks PPJ


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The PDRM’s JSPT division will be offering a 50% discount on traffic saman in conjunction with the Putrajaya Open Day 2024 event at Dewan Sri Siantan, Kompleks PPJ. The programme is from now till February 4 and PDRM’s booth hours are from 9am to 4pm.

The half price offer is applicable to saman excluding those involving traffic lights, emergency lane, double line overtaking, dangerous overtaking/queue cutting, accidents, non-compound (NC), court cases, exhaust modification and those involving heavy vehicles/lorries.

Note that this offer is only for on the spot payment as it’s one of the ways to draw a crowd to the event – no online payment. While you’re there, you can also pay off your Perbadanan Putrajaya saman, which can be settled for RM10 (compound) or RM30 (court).

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