Penang Woman Shocked To Learn 8yo Daughter Earned RM1,550 From Gambling At School


How would you feel if your young child suddenly came home from school with a large sum of money in their bag? That’s what this mother from Penang is asking netizens after her 8-year-old daughter came home with RM1,550.

The mother shared her story through the ‘UTAR Confessions – ALL Rejected / Censor Original Post’ Facebook page. In the post, she said that her daughter is in Standard 2 this year and gets RM50 per week for lunch money and other school expenses. While shopping at Gurney Paragon Mall in Penang, the schoolgirl wanted to purchase a bag worth RM899, saying all her friends had the same bag.


Due to the hefty price tag, the mother was reluctant to buy the bag, but the 8-year-old ensured that she had the money to pay for it, pulling out RM1,550 from her school bag. The mother was shocked at the amount of money as she had only given her daughter RM50.

The 8-year-old then excitedly shared how she got the money, revealing that she was gambling amongst her friends during lunch break. According to the mother, the girl goes to an international school where most of her classmates are from high-income groups, often given RM100 per day as an allowance.

Having mixed feelings about her daughter’s source of income, the mother then asks netizens for advice on what she should do. Some shared their opinion, saying the mother should guide and instil her daughter with morals instead of encouraging vices. However, the majority of comments believed the young girl has a skill and that the mother should cultivate her talent.


What do you think about this young girl’s money-making “talent”?

Source: Facebook

Adleena contributed to this article.

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