Pharaoh Halloween Costume Ideas


Even though the last pharaoh that ruled Egypt has died thousands of years ago, pharaohs and Ancient Egypt in general are still intriguing. Today, scientists are learning more about this amazing culture that existed for many years and achieved some incredible successes.

Egyptian Pharaoh is not a popular costume when it comes to Halloween, but why miss the opportunity to show your uniqueness? While it is true that creating such costume is a little bit time-consuming, the final results will definitely impress everyone around you and even yourself.

One of the most important elements of this costume is the white cloth or sheet. We should also mention that some people use gold or even black fabrics for this purpose, so choose the one that suits you the best. Wrap the sheet around the body and use a brooch to secure it. At this point the most important thing is to leave enough space for your head. Women can wear a white dress.

You can create a very wide collar and put it on the shoulders. Once again, it would be best if it comes in a golden color. For this purpose, you can use gold cardboard. Don’t forget that you will have to put your head through it, so leave enough room. If you want an effective costume, you should pay attention to the details.

The pharaohs were considered to be semi-gods in Ancient Egypt, so it is quite natural why they wanted to wear well-decorated outfits. Use glass beads and shiny, golden patterns on the dress/tunic and the collar. They will represent jewels. Red, blue, green, black – these are some of the colors you can use because all these colors look good with gold.

Those who want to get an authentic look should not forget the bangles or bracelets. They can be used on the wrists, arms and ankles and once again, it should be golden. Women should use a golden tiara and/or gold necklaces. Finally, when it comes to footwear, Egyptian pharaohs used brown sandals.

What is unique about the Pharaoh Costume is makeup. For example, both men and women have used makeup. Typically a Pharaoh used black or dark eyeliner. In addition to the powder, black eyeliner and eye-shadows, some of them used tinctures to highlight their eyebrows. Want to walk like an Egyptian this Halloween? Then the Pharaoh costume might be for you.


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