Pillow Top Mattress Reviews


One of the most comfortable beds in the world includes the pillow top mattress-or so many consumers now believe. If you are considering buying one for your next bed it is important to thoroughly check into the type of sleeping surface these mattresses offer and determine if it will be comfortable in the long term for yourself and anyone else who will be sleeping with you on a regular basis.

The perks of this type of mattress that attract many consumers is the extremely soft, plush sleeping surface they provide. While there are super plush tops which take sleeping in the clouds to new heights, a standard pillow top offered from the top name brands on the market will allow you to sink into your bed and be engulfed in comforting, soft material for a nice cradling sensation. For many consumers this is heaven, but for others it has proven to be disaster. If you like a soft bed, you will likely really enjoy a pillow top that is well made.

One of the most popular models is the Simmons Beautyrest Plush Pillow Top mattress. These beds are great for couples because the amount of motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other is greatly reduced with the ultra plush material. You still get the durable construction and superior support for your body that this brand has become well known for, but the additional layer top gives even more comfort for those who love a soft surface to relax into.

Simmons pillow top mattresses do tend to leave compressions in the top foam after a while, and many consumers do eventually find this uncomfortable. If you are concerned with your mattress lasting fifteen or more years this type of mattress may not be the best way to go at this time. This is not so much a Simmons issue as a pillow top issue.

Another popular brand is the Serta Pillow Top mattress. These sets are designed for plush comfort as well as adequate support to leave you pain-free every morning. Some consumers with back problems have found these to be extremely comfortable even with the extra top padding.

There are other brands that mattress reviews have shined positively on, such as the Kingsdown Pillow Top mattress. The trick to sorting through the different options to find the best one for your personal needs is to read consumer reviews and discover what others have to say about different brands and models.


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