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Podcast Marketing Strategy – How to Use Podcasts As a Strategy For Your Business

Podcast Marketing Strategy – How to Use Podcasts As a Strategy For Your Business

Podcasts provide an elegant way for marketers and web publishers to stay in touch with their audience. With conventional audio, the audience has to remember to listen or view the content they like to. It is not always possible even if the content is of high interest to them.

A subscription method such as with podcasting makes it possible for end users to get updated with content they choose. All without a need to “tune in” at specified time and regularly. The podcatcher does that part for them.

Marketers and publishers can take advantage of podcasts to attract more customers and grow their business. Here are some strategies to get the most out of this marketing medium:

1. Focus on long term results

Podcasting is about building better relationships with your audience. Instead of just written content, you can actually tell stories and convey emotion.

In order to build relationship, you need to show passion in helping them. This results in both like and trust. People who know, like and trust you will buy from you, turning into customers who are also promoting your business.

This process takes time. Certainly you can advertise on other podcasts or establish joint ventures with other podcasters to promote your products. But there is nothing compared to the relationship you build on your own.

2. Better and more content

As an information expert, surely you cannot give away the whole store. The concept is to give away the idea and sell the system as a product. This can be as simple as information product or tangible products that help the target audience apply the information you provide in the podcast.

Helping others by demonstrating expertise is one of the fastest way to be an expert on specific topic.

Once you create the content, it is there for you to use for years. Again, if you focus on long term results, the podcast becomes an asset for your business instead of a chore. This has to do with passion too. People know if you are passionate about the topic or in helping them. And it conveys through voice and the regularity of the content.

3. Fit in the business strategy

Podcasts can fit into many parts of the business strategy. I have seen people use podcasts for lead generation, to nurture existing leads, generate sales, and even as customer retention tool.

Knowing where podcasts fit into the whole business strategy is important. The last thing you want to know is that your podcasts generate leads only to find that the nurturing and sales process is not ready yet. Those may be common sense, but a lot of people do it wrong. Sometimes they are too close with traditional marketing tactics common sense becomes obscurity.

There are other factors that every podcaster should consider when integrating podcasts into their marketing arsenal. But those three are the most important. They are enough to get you started on creating a strategy and establishing the mind set for a successful podcast.


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