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Processes in Employer Branding

Processes in Employer Branding

Employer branding is a new concept that can help in your business' productivity and success. This process is like matchmaking between you and your employees. As an employer, you should know that harmonious relationship among your clients is not enough. You still need to appeal to your employees to make sure you will earn their loyalty. Building the right internal image is the first step to providing quality services or products and establish good relationships with your clients.

This concept is not only profitable for the internal aspect of your business, though. This can help with the external aspect, as well, which may encourage more potential employees to apply in your company. These job seekers can be interested in working with you, as they assume they will have a good employment experience. You, on the other hand, can make them stay if you provide them the avenues to showcase their potential, helping their personal career growth.


This process is usually performed in many models or approaches. It is important to accomplish this first, as this will serve as a guide for the appropriate action plan. The steps included here are determining the employees' perception, needs, and wants from the employer. This helps in understanding where the employer is positioned in the employment market.

Employer Value Proposition

Each employee should strive hard for a good employer value proposition (EVP). You can achieve this by providing a unique employer offer. Give your current or future employees a reason to stay and grow in your company. This can be in the form of allowing them to develop and improve their skills. Through this, you know you will have competitive employees you can work with for your business' growth and development.

Communication solutions

Communication solutions can be your way of branding and promoting employment in your business. EVP is a critical aspect you should include in communication materials or channel you will use to attract future employees. It is important to indicate the direct and indirect aspects of working in your company as well as the core aspects and values ​​it has. Make sure your advertisement efforts, whether in print, online, or events, will target the right audience. Consistency of the communication materials should be observed so as not to confuse the audience.

Businesses or organizations you can consult for employer branding may have different approaches. These approaches, however, may have the common key processes to determine the intangible qualities and attributes of an organization or business. They may only differ in the order and methodology in performing the processes. No matter how these organizations get their job done, the main goal remains to retain and attract the right talent.

Giving your business an image of a great place to work can be easier with the help of different organizations helping in employer branding .

Source by Cheyenn M Renolds

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