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Program Review – Jason Tan’s Only in Malaysia Mah

Program Review – Jason Tan’s Only in Malaysia Mah

Not much is known about the people behind this so called made in Malaysia online money making program. The program’s mini site purportedly reported that it is being run by an ordinary Malaysian Chinese that goes by the name of Jason Tan living somewhere in a posh condo in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. I’m not quite sure when actually this program surfaced here in Malaysia but based from reports that I had received, it is somewhere in the early of 2007.

A lot of people have been asking for my review on this program but with very little input, I would try my best to accommodate their requests. Apparently, a lot of people here in Malaysia are curious about the program. They do have genuine interests but hesitates upon fearing that this program might be just another online scam. In my capacity as the Principal of Sahabatul Ventures, I am not at the liberty nor authorized to say which program is genuine or otherwise. However, I would try to help out nonetheless by analyzing this program with the help of my years of experience in tinkering with various online money making programs.

OK now, let’s take a look at what we know about this program other than the program’s initiator, Mr Jason Tan. He began with his claim that he has consistently making up to Malaysian Ringgit $38,000 per month on a less than 2 hours of work done on a week! Quite extraordinary! He also claims that he had received an ordinary looking email on the 8th of August 2006 that changed his life forever. So basically his success story starts there. He also claims that he made Malaysian Ringgit $1,000 on his very first week on trying out his secret money making formula. As like any other money making gurus, he did showed off screenshots of his savings and PayPal accounts complete with all that nice daily deposits of cash. He was so successful at it that he made the decision to quit his 9 to 5 job within a month!

After reading Jason Tan’s mini site from top to bottom, I do think that I knew a little bit about his secret formula. As he had said, his program got nothing to do with MLM, foreign currency exchange or any one of those PTR (Paid-to-Read) programs. Since he said that his program runs on autopilot, requires zero start-up capital and made use of Google AdWords; I immediately knew what this is all about. Jason Tan is making money through affiliate programs and no doubt he is relying upon ready made tools provided by online retailers of digital products such as Clickbank! In another word, his money making program is quite similar with Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash highly successful online money making formula. The similarities are there and I would bet my last dollar that it is more or less the same!

My gut feeling told me that Jason Tan is not talking nonsense here. I have faith that this is not a scam; at least 80% of me said so. He has invested a considerable amount of money to setup his mini site, fully equipped with AffiliateMonster’s affiliate software module. He really meant business here! His program is surprisingly well organized for someone who only made money online in less than a year. I do believe that he is not running this program all by himself. I am sure that he has a well oiled team to look into this program from A to Z and that should gave anyone some level of confidence in his online money making program. Apart from sharing his formula, he also gives away a few noteworthy bonuses as well. You would have lifetime subscriptions to his eBooks, starting with a few that would help you launch your online money making mission. Jason Tan is also giving out 60 hours of free consultations and he tops it all by giving out a free fully optimized website ready for immediate use!

Even though Jason Tan has done well in his preparations to go public with this program, I do have reservations about his experience. Making money online requires experience to survive and experts such as Michael Cheney, Joel Comm and Chris Carpenter knew this all too well. Hence, I’m giving Jason Tan’s Only in Malaysia Mah! online money making program a 4 stars rating mainly for his incredible value for money. He is currently willing to part with his secret formula for an incredible low price of Malaysian Ringgit $90.00. Let’s say roughly that US Dollar $1.00 equals to Malaysian Ringgit $3.50. That would mean he is selling his formula for only US Dollar $26.00! That is insanely low! Similar formulas found in the market today would normally cost more than US Dollar $50.00!

I would highly recommend Jason Tan’s Only in Malaysia Mah! program for every Malaysians. Having a fellow countryman as your mentor might come in handy in the near future. Setting up actual meetings and group discussions among members of this program with their mentor Jason Tan is more than possible and that is a big advantage!


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