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Proven Internet Insider Tips – How to Achieve Fast Online Business Access in 7 Easy Steps

Proven Internet Insider Tips – How to Achieve Fast Online Business Access in 7 Easy Steps

Any problem you might have, be it of private nature or linked to your business, you will experience solving any problems easier in 5 easy steps:

Identify a problem: in the case of setting up an online business this might me the fact that you are overwhelmed with information and do not know where to start.

Get clear about the outcome you want: MINDSET is KEY to your success. Famous Online Marketer Lisa Diane calls this “The Power of the Prize”. If you are crystal clear on the outcomes you want, you will find the way that best suits and fits you to get there. If you go to a shop and search for a new pair of trousers it will be more difficult to find them as if you went to a store in search for a pair of black slim-fit trousers that would cost around $50.

Map out the system: Find all elements you believe you need to reach your ultimate goal. You can use tools as process mapping or a simple blank paper and two color pens. The important thing is that you draw your actual point, the ultimate place you want to be and on the way the key milestones you have identified. In case of an online marketing systems these might be:

  • Today: I want to get money from the Internet
  • Ultimate Goal: I want to be a successful Internet marketer
  • Milestones

Analyze Clickbank for online business opportunities that fit you and your interests.

Do some online market research on competition and customer needs.

Get acquainted with online tools as Aweber for autoresponders, websites, Paypal, keyword research sites, Google Analytics and so on.

Get registered on online bookmarking and networking sites.

Decide which methods of traffic you will use to drive traffic to your site: “pay per click”, “CPA”, “Article marketing”, “Solo Ezines”, press releases, offline direct marketing activities, etc.

Write articles and posts about your future business. The more you prepare, the easier it will be once you start your traffic driving.

Register in a forum where you “meet” people in you same situation, to exchange experiences, information and motivation.

Implement: Set a day X red in your calendar and without further delay kick off your online success story.

Monitor: Check if your actions are bringing you the desired results and in case adjust. Some of the keywords that you use will bring you a lot of traffic, others won’t. Some article headlines will attract many readers, others won’t. Some press releases will be better and more successful than others. Read through them and you will realize that the focus might have been on specific points in one and on general rules in the second press release. What was it that readers like most about you: concrete information or a general overview?

Having a clear goal in mind and turning it into fast action is key to your online business success. Monitoring and adjusting will allow for the best possible leverage of your experience and will add steadily to your private list of your personal key success factors.


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