Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, UNIQLO, H&M Studio & More: This Week’s Dope Fashion Drops You Gotta Cop!


Let’s visit a realm where fashion becomes a breathtaking journey, a symphony of creativity that transcends time and trends. In this exclusive showcase, we bring you the quintessential essence of renowned brands that have redefined the very fabric of style.

From Heineken’s celebratory collaboration with Motherchuckers to UNIQLO’s ethereal evolution, from SANDRO’s audacious fusion to Cotton On’s sleek chicness, and from H&M Studio’s dark elegance to Ralph Lauren’s opulent innovation, and finally, Giorgio Armani’s timeless equilibrium.

Here are our picks of this week’s hottest fashion drops:


In a jubilant nod to 150 years of global revelry, Heineken® beckons all to a spirited celebration like no other – embracing the art of enjoyment, one stylish sip at a time.

Venturing into this monumental moment, Heineken® joins hands with the illustrious fashion icon, Jane Chuck, and her exquisite creation, Motherchuckers. Together, they unveil the exquisite Heineken® 150 x Motherchuckers limited-edition streetwear line, a tapestry woven from the threads of cosmopolitan panache and sartorial self-expression.

From ‘That After Party’ collection springs forth a treasure trove of fashion finery, a symphony of cropped tees, stately regular t-shirts, and coordinated sweat suits. With colors that mirror the hues of shortbread, ochre, and Heineken®’s iconic red and green, each piece dons the mark of style that transcends borders and blurs lines.

Shop the collection online now!


Prepare to embark on a sartorial odyssey as global fashion powerhouse UNIQLO unveils a breathtaking evolution in women’s fashion – UNIQLO : C. This captivating collection emerges from the artistic alchemy of acclaimed British designer Clare Waight Keller, a visionary renowned for her ethereal aesthetics and innovative panache.

The collection is a symphony of modern elegance: timeless trench coats reborn in four-season gabardine twill; PUFFTECH blousons and coats that delicately embrace warmth and lightness; light down infused with anti-static wizardry. Satin’s soft luster is transmuted into knife-pleated maxi skirts, while trousers exude casual confidence. Dresses and skirts bloom with micro-floral and paisley motifs, harmonizing with an array of relaxed sweaters, shrunken cardigans, and zipped boyfriend pull-overs. The iconic round shoulder bag is reimagined in oversized chic, a vessel of personal stories. The narrative is completed by an enchanting collection of footwear, truly a visual and tactile odyssey.

The collection will be available 15th September onwards, via this link. 


In a daring ode to the spirit of rebellion, Judith Milgrom paints a sartorial symphony that captures the pulse of British style’s insurgence. The Fall-Winter ’23 Collection emerges as a tapestry woven from the fusion of contrasts: Bourgeoisie meets rock’n’roll, conservatism dances with punk, and tradition entwines with cool nonchalance. Here, the runway becomes a collision of worlds, a dance of preppy tartans against audacious boots, baggy jeans entwined with rhinestone mini bras, and the demure schoolgirl skirt finds a daring partner in a sleek leather jacket.

Each ensemble from this collection carves out an anthem of audacity, where classics are not just reimagined, but reborn through the prism of British style’s unrestrained emancipation. The canvas of fashion embraces the chaotic harmony, forging an identity that’s more than just garments; it’s an unapologetic proclamation.



In the grand tapestry of Fall-Winter 2023, SANDRO’s atelier emerges as a realm of contrasts and audacious harmony. A rendezvous between preppy chic and unapologetic sensuality, the collection encapsulates the spirit of women who dance on the edge of their femininity.

Banded sweaters and pleated skirts, reminiscent of collegiate days, find new life adorned with rhinestones and lingerie-inspired intricacies. Lace whispers secrets, cut-outs tease boundaries, and ribbing traces silhouettes. SANDRO women plunge into second-skin bodysuits and leggings, celebrating their curves. Boundaries blur as suit jackets play with cargo pants borrowed from men.

Black emerges as an anthem, strass dazzles as a manifesto. Volumes and textures dance in contradiction, as shine waltzes with matte and opacity unveils transparency. Satins’ softness duets with oversized leather jackets, while precious rhinestones flirt with denim’s rugged charm. And when the allure veers into seriousness, a tie-dye scarf sweeps in as the ultimate act of rebellion. An ode to West Coast memories, stars mingle with tie patterns, gracing pyjama sets and knit sweaters.


For the Autumn-Winter 2023 saga, SANDRO’s man redefines codes with an echo from the ’90s. Minimalist and gentle, he draws from history to drape his silhouette. Single-breasted suits in autumnal browns and maroons take center stage, paired with leather loafers or rugged military boots, weaving formality and casual charm.

Textures entwine in an embrace of cashmere, yak, and boiled wool, with shearling bombers, cardigans, and knitted polos forming the chorus of signature pieces. Fluffy materials hum in harmony with soft hues.

Beige strides in with classic elegance, yet edgy undertones embellish the canvas – flame prints and an elongated black leather trench coat set pulses racing. The beat of New York’s streets infuses a palette of wintry putty tones, applied to the most warming ensembles. Drawn from ’90s subculture, acid and pastel tones, along with laminated logos, enkindle nostalgia, while ’70s jogging suits resurface. 


The spotlight’s on as Australia’s fashion juggernaut, Cotton On, unveils an August extravaganza that’s sleek, yet utterly chic. From comfy-chic athleisure vibes to that timeless Americana allure, the Cotton On August collection is an experience you won’t want to miss.


Elevate your aesthetic with a cascade of versatile pieces that intertwine seamlessly, rewriting the narrative of fashion simplicity. Dive into an expressive yet practical journey that speaks to your individuality. A must-have? The iconic Jude Suiting Pant and Jude Linen Vest, a timeless duo that epitomizes chic sophistication.


Prepare for a collision of robust utility denim and unapologetic fashion flair. This collection is all about going bold or going home. Witness the thrilling fusion of trucking’s raw power and fashion’s artful finesse, a spectacle of durability, strength, and creativity that’s set to make heads spin.

Channel the spirit of Vintage Americana and Utility Workwear with the Loose Fit Graphic tees. Pair these statements of attitude with baggy jeans, loose-fit pants, worker pants, or shorts, crowned with the timeless charm of a classic trucker hat.


Imagine a fresh twist on classic tennis retro, a canvas that celebrates Gen Z’s vibrant diversity and individuality. Elevate your ‘cool girl’ aura with the Active Mesh Pleated Skirt, available in a palette of chic colorways. Match it seamlessly with Cotton On’s Ultra Soft Yoga Bike Short or Short Onesie. 

The Cotton On August ’23 collection awaits online and in-store!


Prepare to embrace a new dawn of dark elegance, as the A/W23 collection captures the essence of captivating simplicity dressed in shades of noir, juxtaposed against silhouettes that echo restraint. This collection, decisive, daring, and impeccably tailored, marries sharp suiting and sculpted outerwear with embellished essentials and polished accessories.

From Day to Night: Daylight beckons with a tailored black maxi coat, cinched at the waist, teasing a hint of feminine allure that lingers eternally. A white shirt, crisp as a new chapter, flaunts an oversized bow – a statement that speaks volumes without uttering a word. As the sun retreats, evening ensembles emerge, casting their spell with low-slung jeans adorned in champagne-hued rhinestones, dancing in harmony with a coordinating jacket. A black A-line mini dress makes its entrance, crowned with a razor-sharp white collar.

Accessorize the Glamour: Elegance lies in the details. Nappa-leather boots glide forth, sleek as a whispered promise, while statement jewelry adds that touch of enchantment. A padded cushion-clutch bag, a treasured gem resurrected from the H&M Studio archives, now draped in soft black leather, stands as an ode to artistry and innovation.

From the mesmerizing dusk to the electrifying dawn, H&M Studio A/W23 collection beckons with open arms, ready to be embraced in selected stores and hm.com, starting September 28th.


Step into a world of iconic fashion as Ralph Lauren presents its latest creation: The RL 888 handbag. Embark on a journey that marries exquisite craftsmanship with innovation, all showcased through a dynamic campaign that redefines luxury.

Each bag from The RL 888 collection is an art piece, meticulously-crafted by artisans in Florence, Italy. The line-up includes crossbody, top handle, and mini crossbody chain variations, each a symphony of angles and curvature, drawing inspiration from the architectural elegance of New York City. Crafted from luxurious box calf leathers and exotic fabrications, the bags stand as a testament to Ralph Lauren’s dedication to quality. The iconic RL logo, offered in palladium, brass, or champagne finishes, adorns the bags, featuring an elevated push lock that merges form and function in a dance of opulence.

The RL 888 campaign sets sail this month, gracing the pages of global print and digital domains, as well as Ralph Lauren’s digital platforms. 


Elegance finds equilibrium with timelessness: behold the New Normal collection by Giorgio Armani. Each piece, from single and double-breasted jackets to wrap-around trench coats, from leather and cashmere jackets to fluid trousers and nappa leather wonders, is meticulously crafted to be both exquisite and accessible.

The color palette unfolds like a poetic journey through warm neutrals – champagne, beige, hazelnut – before dipping into hints of navy blue and black. This aura of elegance extends to accessories, where close-fitting boots, flat shoes, and slender heels adorned with metal detailing grace the stage. Small bags with metal straps, clutches, and handbags complete this symphony of style.

The New Normal collection, born in 2015, transcends fashion’s fickle winds. It’s a contemporary anthology of iconic pieces within the Giorgio Armani collection, a celebration of classic style woven with modern threads. 


Elegance meets modernism, and minimalism dances with daring geometries – the Prada Women’s Spring/Summer 2023 eyewear collection is a symphony of essential style and contemporary charm. The Spring/Summer 2023 Prada Men’s eyewear collection is a study in contrasts: the pragmatic meets the refined. Bold, three-dimensional profiles breathe life into geometric designs, echoing the brand’s signature fusion of classic shapes and modern allure. 

For her, the Prada Symbole collection takes center stage, transforming into an evolution of style. Acetate frames take on a subtly faceted elegance, harmonizing bold femininity with timeless charm. Temple designs are a masterful ode to the iconic Prada triangle logo, reimagined for a new era. From classic tones to vibrant hues of Orange and Citron, this collection sets the tone for stylish self-expression.

The men’s collection unveils sunglasses that reimagine the classic teardrop shape with a contemporary twist. A symphony of metals defines the wraparound cylindrical lenses, while the iconic Prada logo takes center stage, bathed in contrasting colors. From Black to Silver and Gold, these frames redefine sophistication with a modern twist.

Prada Symbole sunglasses for men evolve with a contemporary rectangular design, harmonizing bold profiles with multifaceted front profiles. Enhanced by three-dimensional temple designs bearing the Prada logo, this collection is a blend of classic lines and modern aesthetics.

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