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Rapid Profit Formula Marketing Strategy

Rapid Profit Formula Marketing Strategy

Matt Carter's latest release, A Complete SEO Guide for Affiliate Marketing, it was developed mostly for promoting physical products but the same strategies can apply for digital products. Each module is relevant, detailed and comprehensive for the general user. The overall marketing strategies to follow in this course are awesome and effective. Promoting physical products, is different because you choose which product you want to promote, and there are new products to choose from everyday. eBay is one of the best network for affiliates, promoting physical products. You need to develop a good marketing plan and have exceptional products to sell, products can range from being your own product or eBay's products.

The potential for learning top dollars in contracts is higher when selling physical products. Matt Carter has sold e-books and e- courses but he now preferring selling physical products, because with not much investment he made big profits. All that you need, is a good hot product for getting a good conversion rate, you can sell a how to book about fishing but if you want to make more money you sell the physical product, because which will catch more fish, the book or the lures and we all know how expensive lures can be.

Rapid profit formula is a step by step guide for Affiliate Marketing and Matt's emphasis is on developing (single or multiple) product review sites with attention to search engine optimization issues and building of back links, using WordPress as his building block. You actually see Matt working with various tools to find which keywords to target for your sites. He shows you how to set up a WP site and provides a free specially designed theme for you to use. He also shows you how he creates content for his sites with plenty of actual examples of live sites to go and look through.

The largest section of the course is where he shows you many link building techniques. I would suggest that you take lots of notes right from the beginning because the data files are not a word for word of each video and there is over 7 hours of video. Some technical stuff like he mentioned, how to use each toll, is fine for a pro but for the beginner, actually demonstrating it on video would of been a big advantage. Information on how to use these particular tolls is easy to find.

You have to understand that some things take time, like building back links to make your site function better in Google so do not expect this course to work as fast as the title impressions.Rapid Profit Formula will work for you even if you are a beginner or if you understanding the basics of being online, this course is an extremely useful learning experience for you. This course did teach me a few new tricks and it is worth every dime.


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