Razer Launches Kishi Ultra Gaming Controller; Priced At RM729


Razer just released the Kishi Ultra, the successor to last year’s Kishi V2 Pro mobile gaming controller. Like its predecessor, the accessory utilises a USB-C port to connect to compatible devices (including Apple’s iPhone 15 series), while its larger form factor is able accommodate tablets up to 8-inches like the iPad Mini, as well as foldable smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. 

One interesting feature in the Kishi Ultra is the inclusion of Razer’s Sensa HD immersive haptics, which the company claims can take any audio — whether that be a game, movie, or music — and convert it to haptics. However, the new haptics system does not support iOS, and is only compatible with Android 12 (or above) and Windows 11. In regards to the latter, Razer says the Kishi Ultra can also be tethered to your PC and used as a regular controller. 

Additionally, it is outfitted with the brand’s Chroma RGB lighting, which is situated below the joysticks. As with other devices from the brand that supports the system, users can customise the lighting schemes via the Synapse app, and even synchronise it with other Razer devices that they own.

Features aside, the Kishi Ultra boasts Razer’s proprietary Mecha-Tactile ABXY buttons and 8-way D-pad. Moreover, there are console-sized hall effect triggers, programmable L4/R4 multifunction buttons and full-sized thumb sticks, complete with anti-friction rings.

razer_Razer Kishi Ultra launch price
Image: Razer

One thing to note is that you’ll need to have the Razer Nexus app in order for the accessory to work on iOS and Android devices. In addition to allowing for a plug and play experience for the vast majority of available games, the app can also launch mobile games, record and share gameplay, and has integration with Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, and Google Play.

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The all-new Kishi Ultra is priced at RM729, and is available via Razer Malaysia’s official website. Shipping is expected to commence earliest by 24 April if you choose express (for an additional RM45), or by 26 April if you choose the free delivery option.

(Source: Razer Malaysia [official website [1] [2])

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