Ready Made Turnkey Websites – An Easy Way to Make Money Online


A turnkey website is a website that has been made and is ready for the buyer to start using. Normally, ready-made websites have all the components needed to run a website set up. These components include articles, which are typically insightful, hosting, which only requires you to pay a monthly fee, the website’s domain name, and the websites content management system. Additionally, services that sell turnkey websites offer you tips and tricks to promote your new website in order to attract more visitors and, therefore, more revenue. Since the website is ready-made, all you have to do is purchase it and start monetizing it immediately. Here are the best ways to make money from your new website:

Sell Advertising Space

One of the best ways to make money from ready-made turnkey websites is through selling advertising space. Selling advertising space gives you full control of the advertising you would like on your website. Additionally, selling advertising space gives you the ability to choose your preferred advertising rates. Therefore, you can earn as much as you would like. Examples of ad types you could sell include banner advertisements, text links, reviews, and rich media advertisements.

Selling Affiliate Products

The second best way to make money from your website is selling affiliate products. This practice of selling other peoples products is known as affiliate marketing. However, to attract more sales from affiliate marketing, your website should receive a substantial amount of traffic regularly. Therefore, you should make sure you promote your website thoroughly to attract visitors. Examples of the best affiliate programs you should join include ClickBank, eBay, and Commission Junction.

Displaying AdSense

The third best way to make money from ready-made turnkey websites is displaying AdSense. This method of monetizing your website is the easiest since all you have to do is place a piece of code on your website and wait for valid clicks. Google will pay you for every valid click you receive. Other great alternatives to Google AdSense include Chitika, Ad Brite, Text Link Ads, and Bidvertiser.

Resell Web Hosting

The fourth best way to make money from ready-made turnkey websites is using them to sell reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which the web hosting service provider gives you permission to sell their hosting services under your brand name. To attract people to buy your reseller hosting, you should buy turnkey websites and sell them to buyers at a throw away price. On your sales page, you should also indicate that the buyers would have to host these websites on your servers for a pre-selected amount of time. This way, you will be able to make recurring income from your turnkey websites.

Asking For Donations

The last best way to make money from your website is through asking for donations. However, your readers can view asking for donations negatively. The best way to succeed in asking for donations is stripping your websites of all other ways of making money. This will give you an easy time convincing your readers to contribute to your cause.

In conclusion, you could make a five or even six figure income from your turnkey website. However, you will need to promote your website aggressively to attract many website readers. Once you have a substantial following, you should monetize your ready-made turnkey websites through selling advertising space, selling affiliate products, displaying AdSense, reselling web hosting, and asking for donations.


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