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Reasons You Need to Consider Ecommerce Shipping APIs for Your Online Business

Reasons You Need to Consider Ecommerce Shipping APIs for Your Online Business

While physical retail therapy is as popular as ever, there is something to be said about trying to mend a broken heart over a cup of java and being able to release all your pent-up emotions by browsing through a wide array of “moving on” clothes and shoes at popular online stores while wearing your rattiest break-up pants. The best part is you don’t have to wait long for your purchases to be delivered, or to start moving on, thanks to ecommerce shipping.

Online shopping has and still is the best thing that happened to the business industry. While physical shopping did bring with it some substantial profits on an almost regular basis, online shopping has just tripled that figure due to the ease and convenience by which people can shop, purchase items and track their deliveries.

Ecommerce shipping, in particular, is credited as one of the many reasons why more and more people are suddenly opting to buy their essentials and necessities online, if only to save themselves the trouble of driving a long way back and forth just for a few items they need from the mall or the grocery store. Imagine just picking and clicking at the items of your choice and then paying for them using your credit card and in a matter of seconds, are assured that the said items will be delivered straight to your doorstep by tomorrow or at the very least, 3 business days.

It certainly beats traipsing around the mall all day and tiring yourself out. Great customer service is always an advantage that online merchants want to be able to give so to do just that, they make sure that all items ordered or purchased from their sites are immediately packed and sent off to the customer’s addresses but despite the fact that they have to do this quickly, they also need to make sure that the deliveries are safe during transit and arrive in time and in good condition to their destinations.

This is made possible through the use of excellent shipping application programming interface that allows them to integrate shipping functionality into their websites or enterprise system. When your business uses multiple carriers to deliver every package, it can be difficult to manually track each delivery and even more difficult when customers start calling because they are wondering where their packages went.

Shipping APIs ensure that developers don’t have to worry about their deliveries as with just one click of the mouse button, they will be able to track multiple deliveries and inform customers about the whereabouts of their packages in real-time. Most of these APIs involve the developers inputting just one code to access their entire system to get the information they need. It allows them to create shipments and validate addresses as well to make sure the packages go to the right owners.

These APIs are also equipped with safety codes to make sure the customers are not spammed, that they are informed both by email and SMS regarding the status of their shipping and also include messages in their emails that can generate further sales like information on discounts related to the customer’s purchase for example. The best part is that your company gets to save in operational costs in the long run because of less mistakes made and less items returned since it promises nothing but efficiency in sending out the items and better control over shipping activities.

For the longest time, shipping logistics has been a challenge to manage with so many things that can go wrong at any time. Thanks to shipping APIs, this challenge has become more manageable and it is an innovation that has definitely improved all aspects of retail and ecommerce by leaps and bounds. So consider integrating them into your online business operations and you can expect more profits to come.


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