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Residual Income Business From Home – One Email a Week

Residual Income Business From Home – One Email a Week

When I first got started in my residual income business I had no real clue about what I was doing. I followed the company's suggestions and purchased some of the marketing and promotional tools that were designed to help my business grow.

I was initially really excited about the prospect of building a solid financial future for me and my family. But as the weeks went by I started to get discouraged because I was not seeing the type of progress that I wanted to see.

This lack of progress was no one's fault but my own because despite I was handing out promotional tools left and right I was not doing the most important thing you needed to do in order to build this type of business. The one thing that I was not doing was following up with the people that I handed my promo tools to.

I was missing out on a huge part of the equation by not doing this and it did not dawn on me until I read a series of emails that I had been receiving from a member of my upline. As it turns out this upline member had been sending me emails one a week for about two months.

In my haste to get my new venture off the ground I ignored his emails and thought that I could go at it alone. His emails were very informative and proceeded to tell me how he connected his own business. The emails save me techniques on how to find and implement cost effective marketing campaigns.

What I found to be the most important lesson from the email series was the overall theme of it which was to never stop marketing and promoting my business.

Today my residual income business sees steady and consistent growth because I spend more time promoting it than I do anything else. That email series from my upline really helped me and now I use something similar to help and motivate my team.

Source by Eric Mosley Parks

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