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Retail Store Marketing – Gain More Customers With This Fast and Easy Retail Promotion

Retail Store Marketing – Gain More Customers With This Fast and Easy Retail Promotion

We all know it's getting harder and harder to engage in retail store marketing …

… Category killers such as Walmart and are stealing your customers with the appearance of low prices. Even worse, the internet makes the world your competition. Less than $ 10 gets anyone started with a website and competing with you.

But it does not have to be this way. In fact, some of my clients are having their best year ever. Why are these retailers thriving when most are barely surviving? It's simple. They are focused on retail store marketing. One of the many successful retail store marketing ideas I've revealed is called "The Secret Penny Sale". You have my permission to steal this idea and profit from it, too.

Iave this idea to an Amish retailer (his name is Ivan) in the Spring of 2009 and he's having record months ever since then. Even better, this promotion does not even cost him a penny.

The "Secret Penny Sale" creates an endless buzz and excitement as Ivan's customers rush to pickup expensive items for just a penny … each and every month. It works so well that his customers flock to his store just to see what surprise items are available for next to nothing. Everything from $ 5.00 jars of honey to $ 150.00 water filtration systems are waiting to be had. This idea is a grand slam for Ivan as he's attracting new customers from as far away as five states. "This is the best promotion I've ever tried!"

Here's why Ivan LOVES this retail store marketing idea (and if you're marketing your retail store, you should love it too):

The marketing is on semi-autopilot – Ivan is mailing regularly to his loyal followers. When customers willingly offer their name and address to his mailing list, they're willing to bypass the risk (because of privacy concerns and because people hate getting junk mail) in lieu of getting a penny item.

Staying in regular contact with your prospects and customers is a great way to remind them to visit your store … putting the marketing of your retail store essentially on autopilot.

Create almost-instant buzz – Some of the penny items retail as high as $ 150.00. Most average in price around $ 5.00. So the idea of ​​getting expensive organic laundry soap for a mere penny is exciting … the idea of ​​getting a $ 150.00 water purification system is VERY exciting … so exciting that his customers are telling their friends and family about it – attracting customers from hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

So easy a caveman can do it – As you know, Amish folk do not use electricity and computers. Needless to say, you do not need to worry about "marketing your retail store in the internet age" to make this pay off. This idea is drop-dead simple and works without dealing with the Internet.

Zero promotion cost – This entire retail store marketing plan is free, because every penny-priced item is "donated" by Ivan's suppliers. These products are featured on his special "penny" table and specifically marked through the store (to encourage longer visits). Plus, last month's penny items are featured in this month's mailout (to show what people are missing out on) … so these suppliers are getting a lot of free exposure in exchange.

"But wait, there's more."

This entire retail store marketing promotion is made out free, too. It does not cost Ivan a single penny to do this as he invites a few sponsors to pay $ 25.00 in exchange for a business-card sized ad.


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