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Retargeting As Part Of Your Digital Marketing Plan

Retargeting As Part Of Your Digital Marketing Plan

Retargeting is a system of getting your offers in front of highly targeted buyers.

No matter how good your website is at conversion, on average 98% of people who visit your website don’t take action, and when they leave your website, they most likely won’t be back.

Retargeting means we can track your website visitors and show our ads to them on websites that support advertising, including Facebook.

This form of advertising is one of the highest converting, cheapest traffic sources ever as you are creating your own audiences as these people have visited your website already, so they are familiar with your business. It’s not like other types of advertising such as PPC or Facebook ads where you are showing your ads to people who have never seen your company and its products before.

Here’s how retargeting works:

You will need to sign up with one of the retargeting platforms such as This platform provides you with tracking codes you can install on your website. When someone visits your website a little bundle of code (called a cookie) will drop onto the website visitor so we can track them. You can also put this code on to your emails and specially created Facebook pages.

Once you have visitors cooked we can show them ads promoting highly targeted offers based on the web pages they originally visited.

Within the retargeting platform you can set up groups these according to interests such as what product pages they have visited on your website.

You can exclude lists from seeing certain ads, for example if someone has already purchased your product you can make sure the person doesn’t see the ad again for that product.

As long as you have a compelling offer and you have tested this and you know it will convert, then this can become a highly profitable way to advertise.

Tracking pixels can be placed on any website you own and inside emails you send out. When an email is opened the person who opens the email gets ‘cooked’. This applies even when the email is forwarded to someone else and they open it and click on a link within it. You know these people are action takers as they have opened your email and clicked on your links, these are far more responsive leads and can be considered to be highly targeted.

As retargeting is still fairly new, the costs of this type of highly target advertising are still quite low and could be worth considering as part of your digital marketing plan.


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