Review on Internet Marketing Strategies of Derek Gehl and Gerald VanYerxa (Part 1)


Derek Gehl

Derek Gehl knows internet marketer’s strategies, software developing, and e-commerce columnist and seminar speaking. Gehl currently serves as CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, a company that produces small business software and home based business and online business training guides, in addition to offering business mentoring services and marketing workshops. His involvement with the company began as a partnership with founder Corey Rudl, who met Gehl through his own (now dissolved) Marketing Challenge online community. Gehl writes a blog, The Candid Internet Marketer, and has been a featured contributor to a number of industry publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC Small Business, and AOL Small Business. He has also made appearances on Entrepreneur TV in the United Kingdom, Breakfast Television in Canada, and MTV Malaysia and Channel News Asia. Gehl’s work does not come without controversy however. Some people object to his high pressure sales tactics and promises of easy riches (much like TV infomercial claims).

Gerald Van Yerxa

This Bio is designed to help you get to know Rachel and Gerald Van Yerxa and their family and to show you that they are real people who have created an extraordinary lifestyle for themselves and their children. Plus they have helped many others achieve the same goal. They would be honored to be able to play a part in helping you get exactly what you want too. Gerald van Yerxa is a past president of United Way, co-owned a chain or radio stations, spent many successful years online and in network marketing. While that all sounds good and perhaps somewhat impressive to some really it means nothing relative to what this opportunity can do for you. All hype set aside, in addition to showing you about the tremendous earnings potential of Big Ticket To Wealth, Gerald feels that the biggest disease afflicting mankind is ‘lack-of-money ‘itis’. It’s a deadly serious condition that affects more people than you can possible know.

The good news is it is 100% curable. But, there’s a lot of snake oil opportunities out there that promise incredible things. While this is not some sit on the fence and do nothing type of business and while success with anything can only be achieved with a diligent and responsible work ethic Big Ticket to Wealth is the ‘real deal.’ Plus, we deliver outstanding valuable products. The really good news is that you can earn significant part time income with an investment of just a couple hours a day into your online business. Gerald will tell you right off the bat that he is a Christian, and he will share his convictions and beliefs openly with people. It is just who he is. He will tell you that he is a man with a servant’s heart. He will also tell you that God has had a big part in his life answering prayers and he is not about to hide that from anyone. Anyway Gerald would really like to welcome you to looking at this industry; both on behalf of the members, an assortment of moms, dads, singles, and couples, and even on behalf our competitors (the good ones).


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