Saito University College – Top in Malaysia for Design – Best in Graphic, Fashion, Multimedia,


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Top University in Malaysia for Design – Saito University College

Established in 1988, Saito University College offers award-winning design programmes as well as in-demand industry business programmes such as Human Resource Management, Digital Marketing and Logistics Management. Furthermore, Saito is one of the first private institutions to offer law enforcement and security management programmes in Malaysia.

Additionally, the courses offered at Saito University College are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and students may apply for the PTPTN Loan. Saito University College is a medium-sized university with excellent design facilities to support your studies. Furthermore, Saito College achieved a 6 Star rating in the 2013 Malaysia Quality Evaluation System (MyQuest) which is the highest for colleges in Malaysia.

Saito Design School

With more than 20 years of experience, Saito University College is one of the best colleges for design in Malaysia with many award-winning students, highly experienced & qualified lecturers and having produced thousands of graduates highly in demand by the industry. Not only Saito University College is a top university in design in Malaysia, their fees are also affordable therefore making it accessible to students to achieve their dreams.

The Saito Design School at Saito University College offers a variety of disciplines, ranging from graphic, multimedia, interior and fashion design. The hands-on approach to many of our subjects creates opportunities for students to explore and discover the vast landscape of design. We teach the processes of creation with exposure to industry demand and trend.

Additionally, our Global Design Program was initiated to allow our students to experience the design industry globally with our partners like Bunka Fashion School, Japan. Students will also gain opportunities to receive educational lectures from international designers as well as to work on global projects with our international partners.

Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Fashion Design
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Multimedia Design
Foundation in Design
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) (Honours)
Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) (Honours)

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