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SAP Business One Ecommerce Integration Highlights

SAP Business One Ecommerce Integration Highlights

In this small article we would like to give you SAP Business One SDK integration options, if you already own and operate e-commerce business. Legacy ecommerce website may be historical historical investment and the idea to slash it and re-implement SAP Business One ecommerce module might be theoretically logical, but very expensive step, which will limit your legacy ecommerce investment, at least large portion of it. You can stay in SAP B1 real and deploy different tool – SAP Business One SDK – you will need SAP BO technical consultant or programmer to code your plan

o Connector approach. Yes, this good old-days approach is still feasible. Try to design the connector – you ecommerce should send data into staging table, from where connector should pick data and mark it as processed / integrated or delete.

o Integration Simplicity. Try to make it really primitive and very simple – in this case SAP BO SDK programming should be very light, quick and simple and will not require tons of SAP B1 SDK programming experience

o Sales Orders. SAP B1 architecture suggests you use Sales Order, rather than invoice as integration object. We discourage you to integrate on invoice level, because invoice should be "added" or in accounting terms "posted". In ERP you probably would like your operator to review customer orders, prior to be posted

o Programming Language. C # and VB.Net – this is very good news for you – these programmers are available on the job market, plus a lot of consulting companies practice these services. Tool of choice is Microsoft Visual Studio (.Net)

o SAP B1 Ecommerce module. We recommend you to review this module seriously and if you can afford to re-deploy your ecommerce website – this might be another good option, which should work in long term, assuming that you have enough time and resource for redesign

If you need help with ecommerce integration programming, please give us a call: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918,, skype: albaspectrum


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