Savor the Taste of Nostalgia: Breakfast Delights at Pokok Assam Morning Market


Savor the Taste of Nostalgia: Breakfast Delights at Pokok Assam Morning Market
Malaysia Morning Market Street Food – Pokok Assam, Taiping
Kampung Baru, Jalan Sultan, Pokok Assam, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Business Hours: 6:00am-12:00pm (Daily/Stall Might Differ)

Pokok Assam is a small town in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. It is the second biggest satellite town in Taiping, after Kamunting, with its famous road side fried chicken[citation needed] and Mee Rebus. It has its own post office, basketball court, police station and wet market.
It has a very active morning and night market that operates daily. The action around this small community centres on the market area. In the morning Pokok Assam is famous for its roast pork for which many town people from Taiping come to purchase. It is usually sold out by 9 am.
Jalan Tupai is the main road leading from Taiping town to Pokok Assam. There is an abattoir and police station on the road leading to this town. There is also good “Lai-Fun” (thick rice noodles) and hokkien mee (prawn mee) at the market. Pokok Assam is a “White Village”, created during the Malaya Emergency in the 1950s.
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  1. lily WINBOX says

    Malaysia boleh

  2. Wilson Teo says

    菜头粿aka chai tow kwey is RADISH cake……not Turnip…….Turnip is called 芜菁、芒光、used in making笋粿

  3. Centenial Lowes says

    Unfortunately, plastics bowl were used generally in most of the noodles stalls that can release cancer causing agent when hot soap were filled.

  4. Kee Sitt Lim says

    Wow! Love the coverage and imagery. Btw, what camera do you record this with?

  5. Freddie Lim says

    Can you advise what day you taken this video?

  6. Gary Ong says

    Wow Taiping's hawker foods paradise. Ho liao. 👍👍👍

  7. Gary Ong says

    Just as good as Penang's hawker foods. 👍👍

  8. boy638 says

    Interesting selling popcorn in the morning, does looks good though.

  9. Mustapa Osman says

    The food is indeed vegetarian but not vegan. Most of our local food stalls do not provide vegan options. Kindly update your statement accordingly, thank you

  10. Tan Swee Hock Daniel says

    Wow! Fantastic comfort food, truly Malaysian! How far is from Taiping to tis village market n fastest route pls becos fr out of town, wish to hit n run wit belly full lah!😅😊❤.

  11. Molly Chuah says

    All my favorites

  12. Jintan Manis says

    Nahhh… i dont consider this type of market ‘traditional’ or even ‘nostalgia’ LoL

  13. water2j LEE says

    好便宜的 curry mee (large RM5.50,small RM4.50), 以这分量 我这里早市小巴刹卖家 卖起跳都要 RM7.00(small),RM8(large)的,而且没有猪血,只有虾肉只有2片+豆芽+豆干+鱼丸2粒而已

  14. Alofzico says

    This will be my guide in my 1st trip to Taiping. So many good looking food in there. The Lai Fun Noodles Soup looks exquisite! And the Prawn Mee and Char Kuay Kak look good and honest. All priced as what hawker food should be these days. Must try.

  15. Ching Lsc says


  16. Hk Tan says

    Like this video very much👍👍 All food with big portion and very cheap price 😱😋😝

  17. ivy kim says

    The "Prawn Mee" here is a Must try…very yummy ~

  18. Lai Chew Ping says

    the prawn noodle stall got open on Monday morning?

  19. Connie Chan says

    Is that big tree refer as pokok asam where the name of the place came from? Just wondering 🤔

  20. REDMI TAN says

    7:19 pm 好便宜哦!想问这是4月份的价格吗?

  21. 朱秀莲 says


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