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SE Friendly Web Development is Directly Proportional to E-Business

SE Friendly Web Development is Directly Proportional to E-Business

Web Development has a great role in the E-commerce turmoil; efficient web development strategy can help the web business to grow in the new horizon. Any strategy implemented from the root will yield high-quality fruit. So we need to glue the search engine principals to a new site in such a way that, it automatically glide on the traffic graph to a new height.

We have heard a lot of people saying that, I have invested so much time and money in getting up on certain keywords or my site is not performing well in spite of exhaustive work. The reason is that they fail to embed the internet marketing strategy right from the base when the skeleton was knit. This gives the right path to the web development so that they can halt at a platform which has huge potential customer waiting to board.

Below are 12 point steps which needs to be followed at the time of web Development

1. Link should be a text link and follow tree like hierarchy
2. Dynamic URL should be replaced with static links
3. Avoid broken links or HTML error
4. Remove the extra space from the coding
5. Comment should be removed from the code so that crawler can easily index the pages
6. Always follow the W3C rules while coding
7. User friendly coding should be given top priority
8. Website should we XHTML complains rather than HTML
9. Light weight programming model should be given high priority
10. JavaScript and CSS should be external
11. Dynamic URL should be up to two dynamic character
12. Avoid links in JavaScript

There is a famous saying that "Those who perspire during peace time loose less blood in war". If the strategy is implemented from the beginning we would require less effort and the return would be voluminous.


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