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Search Engine Optimization Information

Search Engine Optimization Information

SEO Page Rank & Backlinks Guide

Improving your website as well as your page rank which is a vote from Google from 1-10 can be a frustrating approach. For more information on why Page Rank can be important for you, read more below.

In some cases, page rank can be significant; since it can represent that your website has the potential to get a listing on search engine results. Page rank can also increase the value of your website, your links and credibility.

The issue is, page rank has been abused in terms of website owners putting a lot of heavy consideration as thinking it’s is the most critical of your website which simply is not the case at least in search engine perspectives. Although page rank is a measure of how active and linking patterns the website has accomplished, it might not be enough to land yourself site a ranking search engines.

Having your website ranking successfully on search engines will require a lot of time and hard work as well as knowledge. This approach can also include trial and errors on your part as the website owner to truly understand what methods work and what doesn’t. To ensure all steps have been completed, make sure first off that your website design is carefully coded and created in a way for users to be able to find what they are looking. Aside from designing and ensuring your website looks professional, you have to be able to structure your site in such a way that is designed for the search engine as well as users. This process is called Search Engine Marketing and many website owners make the mistake of designing only their site for search engines or the other way around. There is no sense of having a professional nice looking website when nobody is able to see it or having a scrambled website stuffed with unnecessary elements ranking on search engines only to find out nobody is buying your products.

Once you have carefully designed your website pages, chosen a targeted url and selected your keywords to use as your primary terms to rank for, you are then ready to go out there and market your website. Where is the ideal place in doing so online? For starters, by marketing your website online can only mean one thing and that is called backlinks. Backlinks are mainly your website links on other website owner’s pages which is a huge aspect to rank high on search engines. A piece of advice, don’t go running to any website you see and try to place your link there because the more relevant, targeted and higher value the website is to you the better your chances of ranking successfully on search engines. How many backlinks should you have or try to target? The answer to that question is mainly up to you and how many your competitors have. Although, the more you have pointing to your own website the higher chances you have of landing a position on search engines. Just try to use the formula that quality over quantity is always the strategic approach for getting ranked for your desired keywords.

In addition, once you have seen yourself on search engines and are starting to receive traffic, be sure to track your visitors using any statistics tool online. The most common and most essential one for any website owner to have is Google Analytics. The tool is free and very easy to use. Just use the code you are given and implement it on your website pages that you want to track.

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