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Search Engine Optimization – Key Facts You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimization – Key Facts You Need To Know

For your online business to be a success, you need traffic. You need visitors actively searching for the product or service you're selling. This is especially true if you're involved in search engine marketing (SEM). Search engine optimization is extremely about optimizing your site so that it gets the maximum targeted traffic from the search engines but getting it right can difficult. So how does it work? In practical terms, SEO is of two basic types- on page and off page.

On page refer to how you organize your actual web pages in terms of your keywords. This involves matters of keyword density, the terms you put in the various html tags and headers, and the names you give to your pages and internal links.

Off page reflects to your site's relationship with the rest of the internet, in other words, the links it has to websites and directories. These links, whether to other sites or to directories, are seen as a vote for your site. This evolved from Google being based on the academic writing model which judges the worth of a text by the number of citations it has from other texts.

So what does this mean for you in practical terms?

Firstly, you need to optimize your web content thematically around relevant keywords that people are actually searching for. Then the visitors to your site are more likely to be interested in your product or service. This requires keyword research expertise. This work is complex and best contracted to search engine optimization companies and SEO agencies.

Then you need to build your web content around these words and phrases while keeping the text natural and interesting. In this regard, the content of your site is probably the most important factor for a successful SEO strategy.

Another thing to do is regularly update your website with fresh content. The aim is to provide a valuable user experience. The search engines reward sites that continuously update their content by giving them higher rankings. Plus, the internal linking of your site can influence your SEO status. So make sure your links have meaningful, keyword-based anchor text.

As for off site optimization, you should work on steadily building up links. If your content is valuable you'll probably get other webmasters linking to you. Or you can actively seek out sites with similar themes to your own and contact the webmaster to request reciprocal links. As for submitting link requests to directories, it 'better to outsource this task. There are thousands of directories with varying requirements. Doing the job yourself would be very time consuming.

The ever shifting landscape of SEO needs a professional's touch. Not only is the initial optimization a complex affair but you need a pro on hand to deal with the frequent changes to search engine policies and algorithms. The use of SEO Specialists and SEO consultants can give you that edge you need to compete in the crowded online world. And if you're involved in SEM, then search engine optimization companies with access to SEM consultants are a must.


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