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Secure and Immediate Payment Options Are an Effective Welcome Mat

Secure and Immediate Payment Options Are an Effective Welcome Mat

Online shopping has come a very long way from the earliest days of ecommerce. There was a time (and there may yet be a few die hards who operate this way) when an online buyer would need to physically mail a check to the individual selling the item in order to buy from this e-merchant. The check would need to clear the bank before the item could be sent. This was a tremendous burden for the buyer and an impediment to sales for the seller.

Today many merchants will have ‘one click’ options for frequent buyers. In other words once your buyers information is saved with the company you can simply click on a singular button to complete a buy. You won’t need to go looking for your credit card and type in numbers and expiration dates. No more filling in your billing and shipping address. You find what you want, click a single button and your transaction is complete.

If financing is an issue there are companies that can provide online credit for purchases. One such company is BillMeLater. This firm provides an easy method of extending credit and in many cases it can take less time than filling out a traditional credit application. Your billing is then available online and through a regular mail billing statement.

If you own an online business that has clumsy payment procedures it may be worthwhile to locate a solution that makes it as easy as possible for your potential customers. Consumers like options and it appears that one of the options a growing number of users like is PayPal. This company can make it possible to receive credit card payments through their interface and business accounts are available.

That’s not the only options. You could get a merchants account that will accept payments from a credit card in a traditional way. You can work with a third party provider to receive payments through a separate billing procedure that is not handled by you directly.

Maybe this could serve as a way to encourage you to review your payment procedures to ensure that they are working well for you – and for your potential customers.

If the payment procedures seem difficult or unsafe your site visitor will not likely make a purchase and they probably won’t be back. They certainly won’t be recommending you to their friends.

A viable payment option that is easy and secure can go a long way in the installation of trust in your site visitors as well as telling existing clients their information is safe.

When you lack a viable, secure and immediate form of payment transaction you may also be indicating to potential consumers that your site may not be as advanced and useful as others they may frequent.

Many web builder options provide advanced design elements as well as secure and immediate payment options. You can bring your site into 21st century expectations quickly and easily. By doing so you will be meeting the expectations of your consumer base and improving your profitability.


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