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SEO and SEM – Similarities?

SEO and SEM – Similarities?

Internet marketing is developing as a vast field of knowledge having many facets to it. The most popular ones which people relate to these days is SEO and SEM marketing techniques. But just being popular doesn’t guarantee that it is well understood also. Hence most businesses opt to get these services from specialist companies in the field of online marketing. As online marketers set up best websites for companies, they ask many questions to be clear about what they are intending to achieve through these services. Here the knowledge of SEM and SEO in its basic sense should be very clear, before you prepare to answer any of those questions:

It is understood that both the techniques SEM and SEO, are used to increase the inflow of traffic to company websites, while improving the quality of traffic. Search engine marketing however is a much broader term. It is about everything that you do online to improve your presence on the search engines and thus root quality traffic to company websites. And SEO becomes a part and parcel of this whole technique, rather a subset of SEM. Let’s see how they are similar in many aspects of marketing:

SEM is more of the paid marketing strategy where the links are purchased and ads are placed based on keywords that consumers use to search on the internet. However SEO also has got a paid methodology of getting website links placed in either other websites or directories.

SEM and SEO both get successful if the internet marketing companies use the right set of keywords. It is wholly and solely dependent upon the quality of researched keywords which consumers use while searching for products and service.

SEO comes first: The key for getting a short term goal met by running an SEM campaign is to first get the website optimized for search engine. If the SEO component of marketing is missing, SEM simply cannot be performed in isolation.

SEO and SEM are interdependent:The aim of every business is to maximize ROI. When we invest in good quality SEO marketing, the cost of SEM when needed will be much lower; as the time spent on selecting the right keywords and user engagement is already taken care off by the SEO efforts. Hence businesses will be able to achieve much better results in shorter time span.

SEO companies use the synergies of SEO and SEM techniques to enhance the total business throughput. These agencies work as family doctors for businesses, where the complete health history of an entire family is known and worked up and necessary treatment is given from time to time to keep good health. Same as the SEO Company work upon the website of the company and optimize it for search engines, then keep updating it from time to time for keeping up the rankings high. They also use SEM techniques on the basis of short term goals which business wants to achieve on the internet for example. SEM campaign “stock clearance sale” can help in improving sales for getting the backlog cleared for a shoe company.


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