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SEO: Best Search Engine Optimization Strategies

SEO: Best Search Engine Optimization Strategies

I am all about strategies. Mostly, I deal with relationship strategies. I'm a writer and a relationship coach. But today I want to talk about search engine optimization strategies – SEO. Everyone who has a website wants to rank high in the search engines. You want to be seen. You want your message to be heard. You want customers, clients, followers, friends, etc. We have all heard many promises from many different sources – promises for top Google ranking. Like everything else, unfortunately, many of these promises are someone else's strategy to get your money. It works or they would not still be using it. But there are some legitimate ways to increase your rankings. Building backlinks is one good way, but look out for those people promising hundreds of backlinks. The links must be appropriate to your site or they are just Spam. Search engine spiders are smart and if they detect Spam those backlinks will do more harm than good. Backlinks are good; posting new articles to your site weekly is better.

Why Hiring a Writer Directly Helps SEO

Blog articles that are relevant to your site move you up in search engine rankings. When they are shared they create backlinks. Both are good for your website exposure. As with backlinks, there are many sites that broker articles for website owners. As a writer, I both despise and appreciate these sites. I appreciate the fact that I can go somewhere to find clients to write for when my own clients are not in need of any articles or web content. I despise the fact that most of the articles I am writing pay very little. Sometimes, I am writing for marketers who are charging their clients ten cents per word or more. These marketing firms then outsource to freelance writers like me. I do not usually take the low-end work but someone does. I've seen rates as low as.4 cents; that is less than half a penny per word. Most of the work I do on those sites ranges from 1.5 cents to four cents per word. The marketers are really making out … hmmm. Okay, that's not entirely true. Most reputable marketing firms pay their reporters an equivalent percentage of what they charge their client. The reputable firms know well-paid writers produce quality content.

Why Hiring a Writer Directly Assures Quality Content

Another more compelling reason to pay writers a decent rate, is the quality of content. Writers trying to make a living writing articles that pay under three cent per word are, by necessity, churning out as many articles as possible. In their haste, the quality of the article suffers. Also, writers that take low paying jobs are often ghostwriting, which means their byline will not be on the article itself. There is good evidence that writers who leave their byline, write better quality material. Additionally, corporations have begun to understand that articles posted on their site by writers, not the corporate voice, are more reliable by the corporation's customer base. Articles written with the corporate voice are written to benefit the corporation. Articles by a writer are written to benefit the customer – to offer them advice or helpful information. In summary, articles written by writers and credited to the writer gain the trust of the reader as well as boost search engine optimization. It's a win win.

The Moral of the Story

The bottom line is this: a good article blog writer can increase your SEO , can write informative articles pertinent to your website, and help you create backlinks organically. Not to mention, a good writer can create content that helps your potential customers trust your business because you are giving them something useful. I guarantee a good writer can create content that will capture your potential customer a hundred times better than most marketing strategies. Why? Because a good writer speaks to their audience, they know their audience, and the audience feels like they know the writer.

So, the moral of the story: post new well-written blog articles at least weekly. If you need help with writing the articles that's what I'm here for. Do not worry. If it's something I can not handle, I know a writer who can handle it. For all of you burgeoning writers, I can help you write quality content that wins the heart of your reader.

Please pass this along to anyone you know who wants to enhance SEO.

Remember, writing is an art. Support an Artist – Hire a writer.



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